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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • My daughter Andi Nast

    I am so hurt by actions of a daughter that has strayed from the truth and have been in tears almost everyday since husband chuck(hers) passed away. She is beligerant , abusive and asks money on a go fund me account wrong way of thinking and was not brought up this way. Now two from past in Rocky Horror show have talked to her, she is disrespecting loss and claims just friends, she was warned by her sister in-law at how wrong and still rebels at truth. Her son Anthony needs salvation and she needs to be reignited lost a son at age 6 I am asking God please open her mind and heart. In Jesus name amen.
  • Prayer for me in Court tomorrow

    Please pray as I go to court tomorrow on a driving with suspended 3rd degree ticket. I am not sure how the out come will turn out. Please pray for peace in this matter. and that Jesus will be glorified.
  • Job

    Please pray today is the day for change. Today, GOD will release his blessing for me. Thank you.
  • brother

    Please keep my brother in prayer. He is in a very difficult situation right now! and he is growing in his faith
  • I'm a mess

    I'm a mess. No one knows what a mess I am. Please pray fir me.
  • Overcome

    God the Father, Help me with Your mighty right hand to overcome all my burdens and set me free from all my afflictions, so I might live on earth like it is in heaven. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
  • Heres hoping!

    Hi my wonderfull brothers and sisters at Positive Life radio!Please keep me in prayer from now untill Halloween is over sleeping on the subway at night and there is a new game out now where people knock out people to unconsciousness for no reason so with mask on they will be even more tempted to do that!GOD bless brother Danny 10/28/17
  • favor

    Please pray for unspoken requests! Thank you, I appreciate your prayers.
  • work

    I am hoping everything goes well at work tonight.. Fridays are the busiest night of the week.. Thanks to those who pray.. God bless everyone
  • Life Crashing Down

    My marriage is in bad condition. My husband has been depressed for years and wont get help. He drinks by himself and push the family out. I am breaking. Crying and to the point of wondering if God will ever heal us. It has been over 10 years. We have 2 kids and I just can't keep doing this. I find my self depressed at points. My finances are in horrible condition, my back hurts everyday. I can't keep going on like this. I hate my job. I feel invisible. Please I don't know what else to do. I pray and read everyday. I put my trust in God, but as time goes by I wonder if my life will ever change.