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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • afraid to lose my job

    Please pray that the Lord lets me keep my current job. I am currently taking care of my 14 yr old niece and we go to court tomorrow to see about being awarded guardianship. I really need to keep my job to help support us. Pray that I don't stress about this that I have put it in the Lords hands and he will take care of everything. Thank-you and God Bless you all.
  • marriage

    Please pray with me that God will restore new love in my husband and I and that he will soften our hearts toward one another and guide us down the path He has for us. As each day passes I am losing hope and need strength to hold on. Thank you for your kindness.
  • new job and new baby !!

    I would appreciate your prayers for my daughter as she is due to have a baby boy any day now. I'm trusting God with all the details. And for my son as he has a job interview tomorrow as his current job may soon be coming to a close.
    thank you
  • reputation

    I've moved to a new area and no one knows me or what I'm able to do. It is frustrating to not be working to all I'm capable off. Please pray for my reputation and that people will come to know me as a reliable, smart and hard working person as well as know my numerous qualifications and certifications. I am capable and want to teach in a christian school. Please pray I'll be offered a suitable job.
  • Family full of dyfunction, drugs, lies, resentment

    My family has been through several tragic deaths, which were all rooted in drugs and alcohol. Family in prison, mentally & physically. Right now there are lies, isolation, resentment and cancer. We are a family full of dysfunction and I get sick of it. Disgusted. I dont want to be mad or hold resentment. I want to love with faith and focus on God. A dirt road connects my grandparents, my cousin & her daughter, and my parents---we live right across from eachother. There is a wall between my cousin and my parents' house. Its sad. I hate drugs and alcohol. I hate lies. I hate that my family is dysfunctional. Please help us in prayer. Thank you.
  • Marriage

    I need prayers for my marriage. We are on the verge of divorce and I am struggling with truly turning over my life and troubles to the Lord. I want to trust Him completely but I am so scared to let go. I pray for restoration of my marriage and healing of all the hearts involved.
  • Prayer for family guidance

    Requesting prayer that I get a job soon as an office worker or in a Christian school. My husband & I are also praying about a couple of church options. I'd like the Lord to guide our adult children to move close by us soon if that is what is best for them & part of God's plan for our family
  • marriage/parenting

    Please pray for myself and my husband that God will work through us both in understanding the role of "head of the home" and in "co-parenting". Thank you for your much needed prayers.
  • spouse

    Ever since I was a small girl I have wanted to be a wife and mother. I am trusting God to send me a spouse. Maybe God doesn't want me to have spouse but it is the desire of my heart. I have children and they need someone besides me to train them and I need a partner. I feel very alone. I have been in the word daily and praying that the Lord wiill see my heart and send me someone to spend my days with. Join me in prayer please. T
  • job offer

    A few weeks have passed since I requested prayer online at this prayer center. I am happy to report that I had a job interview and I am anxiously awaiting a request for a second interview with this business. The person that interviewed me said the hours available will fit into my schedule with my family. This job seems to be ideal for me. Please lift me up in prayer. I need more money. I am in debt now because my current employer is not giving me enough hours. thank you for praying for me.