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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Strength for sons & son-in-law

    Please pray for Jared, Josh, Joe, as they have difficult work environments. Endurance and encouragement to be strong, Lord to intervene in their behalf, especially during this heat wave
  • Requesting Prayer For Tomorrow

    I have Stage 3 Cancer of the Throat
    They are doing Kemo and Radiation treatment
    tomorrow. Need All The Prayers I Can Get.
    Help Me Lord Jesus ,,,Help Me.

    Guy Wilks
  • Need prayer for more faith

    I need God's help in my life, I wish I was stronger mentally and that God takes control of all my fears, worries and pain.
  • 18 month old on life support

    A friend asked me to put his friends son on a prayer chain. His 18 month old son is on life support after getting a hold on a nail gun. Please pray for the family.
  • Need prayer

    I am still having a hard time getting over a girl I was interested in, she basically told me she is not interested in me and honestly the way she is sometimes would be toxic for my personality, but honestly I let me myself get real attached already..I didn't guard my heart and I just feel like falling apart at the moment...I need God's help/prayers...thank you!..God Bless all!!
  • Restortation

    Dear Fellow Christians, I humbly ask your prayers for God to reconcile me with Amy and restore what Satan has taken from me. Thank you for your prayers, God Bless....
  • Finances

    I am praying that the Holy Spirit in intercede on my behalf and pray God will hear my cry’s of financial relief. I Have a need and God knows, I believe he will provide and I thank God he is mightier then all earthly issues. I know when more then one of the lords children cries out her is quick to hear our pleas, so I am asking all of God’s children to pray for my families financial relief. In Jesus sweet name we pray.
  • Family

    Praying to see some family members soon, was watching autistic grandson every day while daughter recovering from surgery and felt overwhelmed. Now seeing him less to be back home & I'm very sad
  • For financial help

    that God can Gide me through the financial difficulties >
  • Husband

    My husband has gone missing for going on the 3rd weeks. I need prayer desperately to get him home safely. I dont know whst happened to him and why he has not returned home. I fear he may be in danger. I put him on the news and did all things possible. We have 7 children together we've been married for 19 years. He wouldn't abandon his children ever. Please help us in Jesus's name to bring him home safely. Ive cried out to God for answers but nothing is happening. Please come together as a community so God csn give us guidance and help us.i don't know what else to do but wait upon the Lord for help.i need my husband home with the family i pray that God covers him with the blood of Jesus and safety returns him to our home. Please pray for us.