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Prayer Center

Prayer Center

    URGENT PRAYER for our son Tyler,who is STILL in a LONG DISTANCE ONLINE RELATIONSHIP with some girl,,.He’s Planning on going to HAWAII NEXT WEEK to see this GIRL, he’s been talking to,,He’s NOT dealing with HIS DAD being TERMINALLY ILL,,This is such a DIFFICULT TIME for our FAMILY,,We NEED each other..The GIRL came to our Home to VISIT him,,,She loves how it’s MORE COST EFFECTIVE here...She knows our son Tyler’s DAD is TERMILLY ILL,,Please Pray for GUIDANCE and COMPASSION,, and God’s will...and Tyler to COME to God ,,,P
  • feel hurt

    Just need Gods help in my life...I feel hurt/scared.
  • Husband turned into a monster

    Please help me in intercessory prayer! My husband has anger/rage issues and escalated into a monster the past 1-2 months; 2 weeks ago he moved out. He is so lost and money/success are consistently/constantly pressuring him to look to the world - leave her, leave God and you will happier...he is miserable, conflicted and is seeing all this brokenness God has allowed as me being his enemy and hating me. I don't want to lose my husband to world/Satan. He is out of control, reckless - I pray he turns to Jesus with a huge thirst for Him today or very very soon. Church said they would get contacts/resources to us but have not as of yet.

    And for my mental/emotional and spiritual protection as this is an extreme back and forth roller coasting he is pulling me around on - and it affects my physical health so much. I feel so alone, abandoned and so sad - trying to stick close to Jesus.
  • prayer

    Prayer request : Sorry, please pray for that not to lost my job in the Administration Wing to preach the gospel, thank you.
  • Prayers for more faith in God

    I need Gods help to stay faithful and believing God is going to help me with my life. I pray God helps me to get the right counseling and who to see, not all counselors are equal.
  • Prayer for health

    Please pray my heart is healthy and these heart palpitations and tachycardia goes away. It gives me horrible anxiety. Thank you.
  • dysfunctional family

    My family is so dysfunctional, and it has been for years. I don't know what to do about it. We are not honest with each other. There is no honesty. We go behind each others back, and through channels to reach each other. And I say we, cause I am guilty of it too. It is what I am used to. My sister has been making lies behind my back, and it hurts. Please God save my family, heal it, and change it. Amen
  • Need prayer for pain/confusion.

    I need Gods help...I just feel a lot of pain, worry, stress and fear..My mind isn't mentally healthy, I feel like God has disciplined me too hard....I don't know what to think....I am so angry and confused right now. I know God is big enough for all this and that I just need to pray....I pray God helps me to get right with him and show me what I need to work on.

    Please PRAY for My ELDERLY MOM,,who’ Husband PASSED AWAY earlier this year,,,She NEEDS a lot of HELP,,,On ,,someone has tried to BREAK-IN her HOME, on Few different times,,,Some are STRONLY thinking it was her HUSBAND’S ADULT KIDS,,,,She wants to feel SAFE in her HOME,, Please PRAY for DIVINE PROTECTION over My Mom,,,The lawyer is looking at also getting RESTRAINING ORDER against them,,and her oldest daughter,,Please keep PRAYING
  • UPDATE: Missing daughter of church member

    THANK YOU to all who have prayed! PLEASE continue to pray as the coverage here https://www.krdo.com/news/woodland-park-police-looking-to-locate-missing-29-year-old-female/908826080 does NOT bode well because apparently, as stated in this news coverage, 2-3 other women have gone missing from the same apartment/park area where Kelsey lives and they've never been found, nor their cases solved.
    This is so disheartening and I am sure the family is beyond crushed. Thank you all so much!