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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • financial

    Please pray for me to receive My Father God's help to remodel this house that He has blessed me with, and to fix the electrical so that I can have hot water.. Thank You Very Much for your prayers..!!
  • For more patience

    Thank you for this prayer site...it means a lot. I don't know if I am exactly going through the wilderness right now, but I am sad right now. I see how God is helping me but I am still going through trials...deep down I am scared I don't really have faith in God or fully trust what he wants me to do...I also sm heart broken as there has been 2 girls that I have tried to date and both failed miserably, I have mental health issues and make the same mistakes and I am tired of getting my heart broken..need God's help.
  • Breakthrough

    I'd like prayer for complete physical healing, the ability to accept myself unconditionally, & the chance to experience life to the full. Thank you so much for your faithfulness! ~ Love & Blessings! :-)
  • Help

    Please pray for me. I am way past my breaking point.
  • sinners prayer

    God be merciful to me, a sinner. I can't change who I am without your help. And I have to want to change. I know you can't live my life for me. And that ultimately I will have to make a decision to turn from my sin, or face the consequences. I know that your rod and staff comfort me, not only do they remind me I am a sinner, but they make me strong enough to face my trials, and teach me right ways. Thank you God for the love of your Son. Amen
  • Prayer prodigal daughter Anna

    Please pray for deliverance from drugs and sexual immorality. Please pray that God intervene in her life of sin. May God block her plans to live with her boyfriend.
  • the walk

    I hope I don't offend anybody with what I am going to say. I mean well. I myself have suffered greatly in life. At times it seemed like God was not listening to me. That he is cruel. The fact of the matter is, God loves us all. Nobody but God knows why bad things happen so much in this life. He never promised us a rose garden. Christ himself was a bruised reed while he was on the earth. He is working all things for our good. I believe that. When I was younger, things seemed easier. Then when I got older, and stronger, I started to face harder lessons. But God has always been there, and my attitude is starting to change because of his never ending support of me. I don't have all the things I want. But I can find reasons to be happy. I will continue to pray for everybody. God be with you
  • sin

    I sinned against God, in matters of the flesh. That gave a foothold to the devil to tempt me. No matter how much I pray to God, I can't seem to get rid of these demons. I have repented of my ways for the most part. I just pray that God would protect me. Cause I can't beat them by myself. My faith is not strong enough. And that I would not sin. Thank you to those who say a prayer.
  • I give up!!!!

    God the Father, I know You are there. I don't know why You are not in my life? I see the prayers of people that need You know more than ever! Well, Your will be done! In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
  • court hearing

    Hello... Could I please get prayer for a hearing that is coming up this week. My daughter was murdered about 4 years ago and the guy has admitted to 4 people that he is responsible for it. Myself being one of the four.A grand jury had indicted him of charges and now the defense attorney is trying to suppress a lot of truth and get it thrown out. This is absolutely ridiculous.They are going to trash on my daughters character and our family. Create a bunch of smoke screens to manipulate the truth.So i need prayer for the guy who did it...that he will do the right thing and be honest even though he probably is scared and for the judge,myself etc. That truth will prevail....Thank you