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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Gods will

    Thank you God for working on my heart and helping me overcome and trust you. Please God help me be kind and help me be a blessing at work. God please release my anxiety while I'm working and remind me to pray when I feel it.
    God protect my children.
    Bless my friends and let them feel you and please answer their prayers
    In Jesus name amen
  • Please pray

    Several years ago my spouse was facebooking an old girl friend from high school and the conversation I saw was not innocent in my eyes. In his eyes he needed closure. I can not let it go..I am still angry and hurt..I am asking for prayers that I can find peace and be able to let it go and forgive. I am asking for prayers that the lord continue to work on me.
  • Darkness and Grief, Lord find Me - Im Crying out to You!

    Three months ago, I seemed to have been dropped into a dark hole. I have been very active and involved in evangelism, training and teaching others the Word, being used to lead and teach children to trust in Christ. Very suddenly, it was as though everything went dark. I couldn't remember the gospel, except as something I once knew. I had no desire to pray, except to plead for God's once close presence. I could draw no sustenance from the Word. My thoughts were always scrambled. Tears are my food. I don't know remember what it's like to know the Lord.. It was as though Id been thrown into a dark pit with tormentors and the lid sealed.If a brother or sister knows they have the gift of intercession, and the Lord is leading you to pray, I would hug your neck if you would pray for me, saint. For comfort, strength, release, and deliverance. I need my Shepherd to find me.
  • Anxious and Depressed

    I'm requesting a prayer for myself tonight. I struggle with anxiety and, as a result, depression creeps up sometimes. Sleep is hard to come by some nights, which makes for long days. I know the Lord can do anything we ask in His name. Please pray that He wraps loving arms around me, and helps me to trust him with all my worries and anxieties. I pray He reminds me that I am His child, and I am in His hands. Thank you!
  • (no subject)

    ❤️Jesus when this intense non stop pain began in June I couldn't possibly see any reason to be grateful❤️
    You know Jesus the pain was so great I cried PLEASE STOP THE PAIN OR END MY LIFE
  • Prayer for a friend of mine who's brother is in the hospital

    Please pray for my friend's brother Jeremy. He is in the intensive care unit part of the hospital and was admitted today. They found out that he has type 1 diabetes and he is very sick. Please pray God would heal him and help him to get better!
  • New jobs wanted for son/daughter

    They both really need new jobs for different reasons. This is a major area in their lives that needs the Lord's intervention & guidance to find ones that will be better for school/church
  • Daughter needs caution

    Pls pray she will be willing to consider her Christian upbringing & her previous beliefs about waiting for marriage before being intimate.
  • Husband heart toward daughter

    Pls pray my husband find a way to show a lot of grace toward our adult children
  • Prayer wanted for daughter & son

    Pls pray our daughter gets another job soon that will be M-F during the day & our son gets his hours adjusted at work to allow for church