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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • A terrible cough

    I got a cold a week ago my body feels better but the cough is here along with a runny nose. The cough is strong and not getting better please pray for the cough to leave my body so I can get better quickly. Thank you and blessings to you.
  • Tumor

    Please pray for my good friend in Christ Cindy. She is going in for additional testing today due to a possible tumor. please pray
  • My aunt is ill in hospital

    Please help me pray for my aunt who is ill in hospital. She has been such a wonderful, supportive person all my life. I wish for a full recovery so that she can enjoy peace and tranquility in her life and see her great grandchildren again.
  • Family

    My husband has addictions and our family needs healing
    Thank you
  • NCLEX nursing exam

    Final test to do to finish this long stent of being in school. I need thoughts, prayers, hope, encouragement, and faith to get me though this final exam. Taking it this week. I am so nervous every time I think about it. Thank you all in advance!
  • financial blessing

    Hello.. First, I want to say thank you to everybody who prayed for me.. God did get me through to my next paycheck.. But things are still so tight with my budget.. I am just struggling to stay afloat.. In over my head.. I would really appreciate it if you would pray that God would give me a financial blessing ? I pray for those here on a daily basis.. And I have been noticing God works in this room.. Once again : thank you for all your prayers.. God bless you
  • Gratitude and Thanks. Keep the prayers coming

    Thank you so much for being my prayer warriors when I am feeling like I just keep being handed lemons! Please, pray for my employment situation that I will be given an opportunity that will allow me to use my skills that the Lord has given me. Please pray for his favor upon my marriage (which is struggling) and employment situation.
  • Daughter

    Pls pray our daughter & fiance will let us know if they still want to get married. My husband wants it to be their idea since we had plans to help them have a simple wedding a year ago but fiance wanted to wait longer. Now there are no plans to marry but remain living together indefinitely. Their son is 21 months old & I believe Lord would want resolution
  • Mistake Made

    I used terrible judgment this past weekend and need prayers of forgiveness. I know I made a mistake and it has caused shame and pain to my family. My family is standing by me, but I continue to beat myself up about it. I know I cannot undo it - I need guidance on how to move forward.
  • Nursing School Interview letters & Entrance Exam

    Please pray that I do well on my entrance exam tomorrow morning. I am extremely nervous. It has been my dream to get accepted into Nursing School. Thank you!