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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Sister's healing & miracles

    Prayer wanted for sister to be healed emotionally from her bipolar condition & her husband will desire to work on their marriage and desire reconciliation
  • Prayer for adult children

    Please pray our children can sense the love of Jesus wooing them back to him & that we can have an open door and willing hearts to return to church
  • job

    I have the same problem as Lynn.. I took my job cause I needed the money.. And it was bearable for a while.. Now it is like hell going to that place.. I am not where I want to be at in life.. I tried to get voc rehab to help me find another job, but they are hesitant about helping me.. I am tired of working this hard.. I work in the restaurant industry.. I am a dish washer.. I don't mind working hard, but I am not young anymore.. Sometimes I have to wash dishes for 60 tables.. At times during the week, I can't keep up.. Not only that, answer the phone.. Some food preparation.. Please pray that God would open doors that I could escape this place.. Thank you
  • Tired

    I'm tired, depressed. Truly grateful for the good but exhausted. I need prayer that God will provide a way for me to rest. Your intercession would ve so appreciated. Thank you!
  • Family member with cancer

    Please pray for someone in my family who is suffering with a very aggressive cancer. The doctors have given her a short time left and we pray for healing or an ease of the pain, whatever would be his will. Thank you.
  • Life

    I am having a very hard time with a family member. When I was a kid, they were wonderful but as an adult I am starting to dislike them and feel they are being verbally abusive to me. I don't feel very good physically and lately had to rub elbows with them a lot and it is really getting to me. I've prayed over this and can't seem to understand God's perspective on this. They just made an already stressful situation worse for absolutely no reason. I am thinking of cutting ties with them permanently which I would have never foreseen years ago and it makes me sad. I also need prayer for my deteriorating health. I have to say I feel really disconnected from God no matter how much I pray and seek him. This has reduced me to my breaking point. I need guidance and miracles. I just find myself crying from all of this.
  • Job again

    Got to work today, feeling super stressed. Can't breath. Having a panic attack. I don't think I can work this job much longer. Please pray new doors open today. I am trying to focus on God and not my problems, but I feel the stress from work is making me health worse. Need prayers bad.
  • Life in general

    I pray this week is full of blessings. Everything I have been praying for and worrying about will come forth and be sloved . I pray for doors opening this week . Thank you
  • Graditude

    God the Father. Thank You for everything You have done in my life and going to do! I have never met a love as great as Yours! My heart adores You for eternity! In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
  • Holy Spirit

    I ask for your prayers as I prepare to preach a sermon this month.