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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Inner pain and health

    My sister and even mom keep taking their anger out on me. Whatever the frustration or insecurity my sister has, even jealousy my sister takes her anger out on me whether yelling or mean put downs. Both take out their anger on me and I keep taking it. I cry about it, but lately it's effecting my health. Please pray for them. And pray for me so God sends an Angel protecting me or God gives me strength not to take it.
  • prayer for healing

    dear sir please prayer for my friend roshanikumari.she is not believe in jesus.so please you pray for her therefore she will be believe in jesus and will be except jesus.
  • Major decision

    Please prayer that I make the right decision & know that it is God's will. I like the current company I work for but a new job opportunity with a different company is being offered to me.

    My prayer request is because for the past few years I have been constantly doubting God which I don't want to. I have been dealing with a lot of depression, negativity, jelousy, envy, resentment, sadness, frustration, and bitterness in my heart. I don't want to have that in my life anymore. I pray to God to take all that away from my life but nothing happenes. I want to move on with my life and only have positivity in my life. I also keep going back to a toxic relationship where I know I can't go back but I do. All I want is to be able to leave all this behind and have a renewed mind, trust God, be happy, and move on. My dads ex-wife has also done witchcraft over my family. So I would also like to pray to keep any evil away from us. For god to bring peace into my family and my life.
  • financial

    Need a financial miracle badly.. To fix or replace my car.. Things not going so well at work.. I work very hard for minimum wage, but can't afford to quit.. I just keep hoping God would give me a miracle.. In debt to the max.. Thank you for praying.. God bless your souls and lives.. Hope you all get your miracle.. Amen
  • Car accident

    Please pray for a family at my daughters school who were in a terrible car accident. The mother lost her life and the children are in the hospital with critical injuries. The father is in great need of prayers for all he is going through.
  • Strength and Courage

    I need prayers for help with my job. I have been working a job in ministry for the past 8 months and it has been the most challenging experience. Not only am I new to the job, I am also new to the area where this job is located. I am homesick often, but when I go back home, I want to return to my new home. I also work with 3 women who have been emotionally and verbally abusive. My boss knows about all 3 of them, but tells me that the problem is with me. One of them has verbally threatened me. I do not feel safe being around this woman. Another one claims she is trying to retire, but constantly undermines everything I do and does things her way, making me look incompetent. I have even heard her telling people that she is still in charge and that I am her assistant. The 3rd one has made verbal threats as well, telling me that I should not be working here anymore or at all.

  • My bird/finch (Jollie)

    PLEASE pray for my bird (finch) Jollie who was left out of his cage and somehow injured his right eye yesterday, which is massively swollen and the eye is shut. He is such a sweet & joyful little guy and still is and I hate seeing him this way and feel guilty for leaving him out. I don't want him to be blind or to get infection (etc.), but to heal completely. THANK YOU.
  • My fiance

    For my fiance to run to God with his problems. To move forward in our relationship instead of being stuck in the past.
  • Cancer

    My husband has esophageal cancer and has just finished 40 days of radiation and will finally come home tomorrow from The Cancer Treatment Center in Phoenix AZ. We live in WA state. It has been a very difficult journey. We are very faithful people and know that God's Will Be Done. We have only been married 3 years....before that I was married for 29 years and my husband suddenly passed away. After 2 years of misery I prayed to God to send me a companion. Well, he sent me my husband and now he has cancer. Yes, it was devastating. I don't ask why anymore I only give thanks. Thy Will Be Done. I ask for prayer for my husband to be healed of this cancer. Blessings to all who read this.