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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Son & friend know God's will

    Our son & his friend are Christians & need Lord's guidance/discernment to know if they should be in a serious friendship or not
  • Prayer for sister

    Pls pray Rachel will desire to trust God & forgive family for mistakes made over the years & will be set free/ delivered from depression
  • Want days off to visit family

    Pls pray Lord will show my husband & boss it's good to let me off a few days in Oct to visit family in another state.
  • Landlord and deposit

    Please pray for us. Our landlord said one thing now he changed his mind. He says we owe a bunch of money we don't have. He might evict us. We have been paying our rent on time every month. He said he would work with us about our deposit. We don't really have anywhere to live. Also pray that my husband has a right additude towards the landlord.
    Thank you so much for your prayers
  • Hard break up needing prayers that it will be ok

    Having a hard time with a break up from a man who once was my best friend. I miss him terribly and I'm trying to forgive him for the things he has done to me emotionally. This station has been a heaven sent, but I'm still needing to know there are people out there that care.
  • My dear friend

    I need prayers for my dear friend, that she may go back to church and turn her life back over to the Lord. I pray that she gets out of the emotional relationship with her co-worker and works on her marriage. I also pray that her husband is also willing to work on things and their faith and marriage may be strengthened and that the Lord is at the center of their lives. Thank you and may God bless you.
  • prayer

    Need to pay my bills tonight. Have no money. Going to overdraw my account. I am so depressed!
  • passing through the night

    I met a person tonight for the first time. It was just the two of us, and as complete strangers will do, they open up. This person is talking about their life and opens wondrous stories of loss and how they learn to handle it. Still I'm lucky, and they keep on with stories about their daughters and how them and they have been tested in the faith. After a half hour this person moves on to their final story of the night. They tell me and no one else, and asks me not to say a thing about it, that they are going in the morning for the test results of a tumor that is based on their spinal cord to see if it is cancerous. I started praying right then and there. I can't believe it! The Lord just gave me this blessing in a person that I just found. Not just a person but one of the most self-dependent, strong, so strong, but most of all strong in the faith and tested. Please pray for their health.
  • (no subject)

    Please pray for my daughters marriage. Lately she has been crying a lot when she calls me. She really wants to make his marriage work because he loves her husband. Please pray for both of them to put God in first place in their lives.
  • Son & daughter

    Sons to desire God's Word & fellowship & daughter to re-commit Her life to Jesus