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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Daughter

    Please pray for my daughter and her husband as they meet with their builder who has been trying to do things underhandedly on the house he's building for them. He's lied several times about decisions (he attends our church), but they're meeting to see if he'll change the location of a second large electrical box he had placed on their property (for a whole other subdivision to come) or they may have to cancel their contract which means losing significant money. Plus they're concerned about having him as their builder at this point.

    Pray for wisdom and favor. Thank you.
  • Praise the Lord

    I wanted to say thank you to everybody who prayed.. I got the job, pending the results of the drug test, and background check.. I pray that I pass.. I do take meds for bipolar and anxiety.. I am worried about the background check.. I have not done anything too evil.. But when I was first diagnosed with bipolar, I had some run ins with the law.. Please continue to pray that everything goes well.. This job is in a store.. And I have social anxiety disorder.. I ask you to pray that God would heal my mind, spirit, body, and soul.. That I would not be overwhelmed.. I really need this job.. Thank you so much
  • Job interview

    Please pray for me, I had a job interview yesterday. I think it went well. Please pray I get a job offer if it is God's will. In the name of Jesus, AMEN.
  • healing for my twelve yr old son!

    Pray for complete, supernatural healing for my son, Colin(12). Ask that his scoliosis will not get worse-ever! Pray that the unnatural spinal curve will be reduced- soon! Ask for our peace and wisdom on this matter. Ask God to be with us through this! We need his peace and mercy!
  • Please pray for my granddaughter Emms

    My granddaughter, Emma Heinz, just turned six and was diagnosed a few days after her birthday with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She has been undergoing chemotherapy and has a two year battle with the cancer ahead of her. She is enduring a lot of pain and cries when she has to walk. Up until her chemo treatments started, she played soccer, loved gymnastics, and looked forward to her junior church class at church. Now she is homebound.
    I am trying to reach out to as many people in the Christian community to ask for prayers for Emma's healing and that the chemo works to rid her of the cancer. We are also praying for her strength in this long battle so she doesn't lose hope. We can't answer her question as to 'why her' but trust that God will bring her through this.
  • Hurt feelings

    Received some unexpected money. Anniversary coming up so my husband suggests we go somewhere. I spent 3 hours getting great ideas. Then he says let's save for a dog. I have walking issues and that's the last thing I need is tripping hazard, plus I thought it would be good to get away as it might be harder later since I might need a wheelchair. Really really hurt right now.uVQwD
  • ANXIETY & TREMENDOUS life change

    I am going through tremendous life change right now. Here's what I am facing:

    1) Re-marriage after 10 years of single motherhood 2)moving across the state leaving my community for the marriage 3) Child custody battle/father contesting the move and requesting custody 4)Remodeling and getting my house ready for sale. 5)working full-time as an addictions counselor.

    Brothers and Sisters I need your prayers for strength and peace! Thank you!
  • Heart and soul

    Please pray for me. There is a young man in my life he gets very jealous over me but he doesn't court me. He is also perhaps considering other young ladies too, but if I start to form any other relationships he get very angry and he tries to stick around those guys. It give me no peace because at some point I liked him. I prayed for wisdom. I just want clarity and the Lord be near to walk me through this and this would be made right. Sometimes I feel like the guy is in love with me in secret but he isn't being forthcoming. Please pray that if there will be a relationship so that we could do everything as Christains and so it would be glorifying to the Lord. Amen
  • Job

    I was recently let go from a job. I am looking for a new job. I have applied at a few jobs, there is one job that I really want it is Monday thru Friday, with fed ex. It is a very good company. I ask for Prayer that they will call me for an interview and that I will get the job.
    Thank you for your prayers and God Bless.
  • Domestic Abuse

    My son is becoming abusive when he gets drunk and has pushed his mother and has threatened with me as well. He has threatened my daughter with hot water and called her derogatory names. I am at the point of calling the police but am holding off. I ask for divine intervention and that the Lord take away his bitterness and anger. I also ask that his drinking habit be dried up as well. I need help before its gets out of hand. Please pray for us.

    Thank you