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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • I help pray my mom.

    Papa Jesus help mom to get this full time job
    She's hard worker .guide her at work ,amen.
  • Daughter forgive Dad

    Pls pray our daughter will forgive her Dad for his lack of sensitivity when she was little & see the need to forgive him & re-dedicate Her life to the Lord
  • Son's interview tomorrow

    Pls pray our son does well with his interview tomorrow & gets the job!!
  • Visiting 22yr old daughter

    Pls pray we can visit our daughter this weekend like we said we would. We were there last weekend but hubby said we'd come there again for her son's b-day...now he wants to wait longer..past resentments from his failed promises in past make her bitter
  • I feel GUILTY for giving $1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    At lunch time I always go sit and talk with these couple people who are severe alcoholics and have issues with addiction, homelessness etc. They usually never ask me for money but today one of them asked me for $1. I said no I didn't have any bills, but might have change. but then after looking I didn't have any change, so I ended up giving them a dollar. Afterwards I felt and still feel guilty about it...because I know that the money probably went to buy alcohol... I don't know what to do. How do I handle that in the future? Do I let them know when I see them again that I felt guilty about giving the $1 to them? Please pray for these 2 men and for myself please.
  • Father's Surgery

    Please pray for my father, he is having 3 major surgery's on his back today. The last time they attempted his blood pressure dropped too low so they stopped the surgery.
  • Healing

    I ask that you pray for my wife dianna who is the most love of my life that she has beat breast cancer, and also my mother in-law who has found a mass on her right ovary she goes to Seattle today for further testing. thank you Michael
  • Somewhere safe

    I will be homeless and I am disabled. I am freaking out and so hurt. I feel like giving up on life. I just want a safe place to live.
  • Drugs and Anger Issues

    Please pray for my brother who's on meth; and for me, because I'm angry and getting worse as reflected in my driving.
  • illness

    Please pray for Sandra.. She has malaria, and is very sick.. Thank you