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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • My husband

    My husband is depressed and wants to be set free from addictions. Also please pray that we have a great Christmas with family.
    Thank you for your prayers
  • My nephew

    Please pray for my family and nephew he will put to sleep. In Jesus Christ name amen
  • work

    Please pray that God would open up more hours for me at work or open up the door to another job that would give me more steady hours.
  • So discouraged

    I am being attacked right and left: finances, health, business issues, loneliness, and more areas. I pray, pray, pray and just get more piled on. Please pray for me and keep Max in your prayers too as he has an important doctor's appointment coming up to see if a mass is benign or not. I can't stop crying. Amen.
  • Pray for Jen and health problems she is suffering from

    It is me again, I didn't change the subject field in the below prayer request...it shouldn't say "finances" it should say "pray for Jen and health problems she is suffering from"....Thank You and God Bless all....happy holidays!!
  • finances

    I need prayer for my friend "Jen"...she is dealing with a lot of health problems, in fact a very rare health problem to the nose caused as a side effect of surgery on the nose that can actually cause severe breathing problems and more weakness and fatigue....doctors are at a loss on how to treat it, and this girl is crying out for help....I pray God surrounds her with many might angels tonight and gives her peace, and she feels God's hope and love...she has been suffering for 25 years and she has been praying...she needs a miracle...I pray that many people pray for her and I have prayed for her many times....she needs a miracle from God as well as other sufferers that have this problem..I had this problem and one of the few cured...God can do miracles...I know he can.
  • my car

    The service engine soon light came on, on my car.. Please pray that it is nothing serious.. Thank you
  • Christmas musical

    Thank you so much for your prayers regarding the musical actor. We found him! Please pray for all the cast as they work to bring the musical together.
  • finances

    Had to quit job based on medical reason. Have no money to pay bills. Soon will be homeless. I have been praying and fasting still no answer. Need money to pay bills charitable institutions will not or cannot help. Keep praying God knows what I have need of but its like moving a mountain to get Him to answer prayer and meet the needs. I am born again and do not understand why He is doing this. He told me to quit job and I obeyed and now I cannot meet my needs.
    I asked my church in a email and they have not replied this was on Tuesday this week have asked other church's and they have said cannot help. I give up will ask no more church's I have asked 12 besides my own. No one cares and looks like God does not either no answer from Him. I believe in the power of prayer, prayer changes things but not my situation. I need a answer fast time is running out.
  • Christmas musical actor

    My daughter has written a Christmas musical called "The Quest" to be performed here in Walla Walla, Dec. 22 and 23 and is having a tough time finding a young male actor that can sing to fulfill the role. This is a play about 4 wise men finding and experiencing God as they search for baby Jesus. Please pray that God will lead the right person to her. We are only two weeks away and we feel an urgency to find someone. She has asked hundreds of people. I know this musical is going to touch people lives.