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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Marriage

    Please pray for our relationship. That my husband will find the love we share through Christ's light. Pray that God will bring us strength and rebuild our relationship. After 2 years of marriage and it has been hard on both of us…new jobs, home, finances, children, seperate families. We are both in so much pain caused by both of us! Please pray for strength, healing, regained faith and love, blessings. I pray that my husband will come home and have faith in our renewed relationship and not go through with the divorce he filed. I pray this in the name of Jesus, our father, Amen!
  • Healing for my sister Karin

    Karin has spent last 5 mos enduring radiation and chemo to kill cervical cancer but now is dealing with the damage that was done to her urinary tract. Infection, bleeding, loss of bladder control and more surgery. She is in pain round the clock. MD appt on tuesday. Please pray for strength, healing, blessings in the name of the Lord, Jesus. Thank you.
  • My Son's heart

    I acknowledge generational curses. In our family, there has been generations of Narcissistic males who deny the Lord. Please join with me in praying for a real man of God to cross my son's path! Thank you Jesus!
  • empty

    I am feeling empty. I don't have a lot of friends. Please pray the Lord sends me some Christian loving trustworthy friends. My husband divorced me 6 years ago and I am feeling unloved and unwanted. I cry myself to sleep. Ive been attending church and reading my bible and Ive joined bible study groups and I still feel sad. Please pray
  • peace and strength

    My husband is at hunting camp. I'm home with three kids and four dogs. One dog is 9 months old and won't sleep past 5, today he was ready to get up at 4. My arthritis is killing me because the black lab is big and knocking me all over. The kids are getting my short temper, and they don't deserve it. I need a miracle!
  • Just moved

    Our family just moved from Spokane area to Oregon. I have a job interview tomorrow. I ask for prayers that I find a job and safe child care for my kids, and we settle in good here. Thank you and God bless!
  • Job for sons

    Our two sons need jobs...one is in school & working weekends...barely getting by until he graduates & we help him out a lot. other son applying for job at his jr college in his field...pls pray!
  • Where do I go from here.....

    What is the Lord calling me to do, I have been faithful in my prayers, in my tithing, the Lord says to sow your seed, I have done that too, even in my own financial hardship! I have a personal relationship with my lord, and I love him with all my heart.... Please pray for some resolutions to come to me in my time of trials, there are too many to list, but the Lord knows them all because he has me going through them.I am broken, weak, and on my knees in front of the Lord, as I lift my empty hands to him. Come Holy Spirit fill me, Lord Jesus love me, keep me from harm and pour your blessings upon me indeed. I may not know God's plans but I am wholeheartedly believing for them. I'm putting my trust in him, may the Lord take my hand every morning, my I be his light shining through me, may I be a blessing to all I meet, thank you for your prayers and many blessings to you, Laura
  • friend

    I am asking God to heal my friend he has work himself ragged supporting the family for so long and now it has taken a toll on him , but he stills works just as hard , and he has a good heart and he believes in God he just needs a healing and for his ex to leave him alone once and for all and let him move on with the next chapter of his life.
  • My good friend

    I have this friend who was with a woman for 21 years , and very bad for him but because of the kids he stayed with her, so finally in 2013 she decided to leave him for another man that she met , and she left him and took his kids, they have three one is 19 and on her own the other two are boys 14, and 13 , and she is still being so cruel to him and trying to keep the boys from him and his heart breaks everyday , and she is always , trying to disrupt his life anyway she can even though she is married after a year and expecting the other mans child in the 2015 , and the boys hate being there with her, she took them from all their friends and family and most of all their dad, now lawyers are to expensive , and this woman knows how to lie her way out of anything, and I am asking for prayer that God will intervene and bring this man closer to God .