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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Friends health

    Please pray for my friend Adrianne. She just found out she has stage 3 right lung cancer and bronchopneumonoa. Please pray that she is quickly healed, that God won't take her from her kids. Please pray that she will be ok and that god is with her. Thank you woo much. May God bless each of you.

    URGENT PRAYER for our FAMILY, My DAD recently PASSED AWAY and MOST of the FAMILY having a EXTREMELY HARD TIME Dealing with it,,,,, My SISTER Sherry came to HELP OUT our PARENTS,, because my DAD was very SICK,, and our MOM NEEDED HELP,, That turned out to be a HUGE MISTAKE,, We ALL thought she was off DRUGS, she wasn't,... SHERRY STOLE MONEY and even WEEKS before my DAD PASSED AWAY she had HIM CHANGE his WILL,,,, She ALMOST took everyone out of the WILL, even My Husband, who was going to get a Gun from My DAD, meant so much to the BOTH of US, I Miss My DAD,, Please PRAY for our FAMILY
  • NOT to get LOST

    URGENT PRAYER for ME, Please PRAY for DIVINE PEACE and DIRECTIONS GETTING to the FUNERAL HOME and BACK HOME, Please PRAY it's EASY to find. PLEASE PRAY a HEDGE of PROTECTION around ME and our CAR, thank you God Bless
  • Money.

    Could you please pray for me to get my last W-2 from Arizona. I have not received it yet. Like everyone else my family and I need to get our taxes done because we need the money. God bless and Thank you!
  • Direction

    My husband and I are greatly struggling and have been for the last ten years. I love him very much, but I may have to end our marriage for the sake of my children. I desperately need wisdom. I don’t want a divorce but he is being verbally abusive to our children and I need to protect them. Please pray for wisdom and direction. I genuinely love my family and this is shattering my heart.
  • Need a Small Loan from the Bank

    I own a new warehousing company and in order for us to get an investor to fund the growth of this company I'm needing to pay off my personal debt of $6,000. I'm requesting prayers that I will be able to get a loan from the bank this week so that I can save $1.3 million. Once we are able to get an investor we will be able to build the building we need and to hire the employees we need and to help strengthen the local economy by making more than 20 jobs. I also ask that we will be able to find an investor for our company and the workforce to hire as we've had a very hard time finding the necessary workers.

    Thank you very much for your time and prayers and God Bless.
  • Correct door

    I have this opportunity for a college program but I don't know....
    Please pray I make the right decisions.
  • healing

    I caught the bug that is going around.. I don't feel well.. I had to work today regardless.. And I have to work tomorrow.. I hope that this flu doesn't last long.. Thanks prayer warriors..
  • TMJ and mouth

    I am having such a hard time with my TMJ and my mouth. I had excellent mouth health but a medical prescription ruined my mouth by blocking vitamins and nutrients causing thinning and cavities. I was born with TMJ but it was somewhat livable however these fillings have thrown my bite off. I never had fillings before this year. Nothing disrupts my life like my bite being off. It starts to drive me insane. Lately it's worse at night and splints do not help. I've been to the dentist so many times. I don't want her to file anymore of my enamel down. I just want my old mouth back; my TMJ was livable. This is not.
  • Need Job

    Father God you always give me so much and bless me and some how I keep screwing it up! Please open up a new job for me and soon cause y' know I don't have the support I once had. Let this be the one! Always greatful and give you the glory in all things. In Jesus name Amen!