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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • prayers

    Please pray for my co worker Jeremy. He confided in me that his step father was physically abusive to him for years. He is a really nice kid. And he is a good person. I would like to one day see him give his life to God. Right now he is talking about getting in the military. And I think it would be good for him. I don't know where others beliefs are at. Of course he doesn't want to die. He wants the strength. And to travel. I ask that you would pray for him, that he gets in the air force like he wants, and that he comes back safe. And that he finds God there. thank you
  • Job

    Still praying for a Job and a certain Job. Been months, weeks, days, hours, minutes. No calls no interviews. Please Jesus I want to work, I need to work. Let this end in Jesus name I pray Amen!!
  • To be able to stand my ground when the wind is hollering hate at me.

    God the Father, guide me to Your teaching of stength and courage in every stomach I face from now on. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
  • Gods Reconciliation

    Please pray that God will reconcile Tom and Amy to one another so they can continue the love they share for each other, thank you for your prayers....
  • Breakdown

    I am having a severe breakdown. After 30+ of continual stress, I am cracking. I need a huge financial miracle or my life will implode. I need other really big miracles and my health needs healing. I have no one to turn to. I am tired of the attacks. I pray over this constantly. Thanks for reading my prayer request.
  • Den Hoed family

    Please pray for the Den Hoed family who are suffering the loss of Andreas Den Hoed. He was a beloved father, grandfather, husband, and friend to many. He will be dearly missed and fondly remember for his kind heart and friendly demeanor, thoughts and prayers to the family and friends.
  • Friends safwty

    I have a friend that needs prayer. He needs God’s provisions and safety right now. Not in a good situation right now. Please pray for a miracle. His health isn’t well either
  • Windshield/Health - Fear of Water Leak

    Our family recently left/lost everything we own from hidden mold - like a fire (ex. Leviticus 13-14). I have been super sick. Since then we've went through water leaks from gutters, grading, crawl space, dishwasher...AND natural gas here overloading body's ability to fight. I am in so much fear now with windshield crack needing to be replaced. I don't know how to find a quality, thorough person. I had a previous car with hidden water leaks from faulty windshield replacement seal..if I get a leak now I could never be in it again due to mold. This is all so expensive and way too overwhelming for me, my poor husband and daughter! PLEASE help me pray for direction where/who/when God wants me to take it to and for Him to remove my fear. It's very hard to find anyone that can remediate/remove mold to my health needs level.
  • Stomach ulcer.

    Please pray for me. I have had stomach issues for two years. Please pray for a cure. Thank you!
  • Grandson to STAY with US,, Our DAUGHTER is UNSTABLE,

    Please CONTINUE to PRAY for our GRANDSON who LIVES with US along with our DAUGHTER, She's VERY UNSTABLE and VERBALLY and MENTALLY ABUSIVE and uses PROFANITY towards HIM, Lately she's been telling HIM HE can't play with the WHITE CHILDREN or BLACK CHILDREN,, that He should play with BI RACIAL CHILDREN,, Our GRANDSON doesn't Understand that, He's a kid..,, Also she says MEAN, COMMENT about being a OVERWEIGHT,, please PRAY for DIVINE PROTECTION and PEACE RESTORATION, SHE has asked US MANY times to RAISE HIM. PRAY she won't LEAVE with HIM. PLEASE PRAY they BOTH STAY,, BLESS our FAMILY with New Friends,, please PRAY,