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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Israel

    Please do not grow weary in praying for the safety and security of Israel. Thank you.
  • Financial

    Thank you God, for giving me your Holy Spirit as a guarantee of fulfillment of your promise's in my life
  • Need a Miracle

    I have asked for prayer before I am feeling desperate and depressed like never before I am overwhelmed I have been living without water for 3 months now it's not a bill issue only the landlord can fix the problem and won't my daughter is gone to live with her dad, my health is suffering I am a cancer survivor with problems I work full-time though I was categorized disabled in 2011 but I need to keep busy. I need to find and finance moving asap I need to be in a suitable place and a safe place I am in a horribly abusive marriage its embarrassing but I am guilt ridden when I try to leave in have reached out for help and am still alone in my battle please help
  • Prayers For Mike My Brother In Law

    Mike has not felt well in over a week. He is tired all the time and he is not eating. He is a diabetic and by not eating, his blood numbers are really bad. Please pray for him to get better. Thanks and God Bless!!!! Ron
  • Frustrated ,,, Need Healing

    Where is God ,,, I have been told when you need healing to reach out to God.
    Been Praying and Praying for God To Heal My Hearing. I have ringing in my
    ears and it is effecting my hearing. I drive a shuttle van and I need to be able
    to hear the people in my van to know where to take them.

    God Please Help ,,,
  • Cooperation from grandsons father

    Daughter lived with her son's father 2 years, while he wanted to permanently stay only engaged. She needed to move with us (4 hours away) since he asked her to leave. We want a peaceful & reasonable parent plan to develop &'peace
  • Daughter to hear from Lord

    Need Lord to guide our daughter about her need for parent plan with her tiddlers father, who has been unpredictable & doesn't want to marry
  • My spouse

    Please pray they act lovingly and know that I love them. They yell at me when they get upset and. Then often become degrading. After they get out their meanness and some time passes they act like everything is fine. Only sometimes do they apologize for getting angry but usually don't apologize for any of the hurtful mean crude things said. Pray they take things to the Lord and spend time w Him
  • Marriage

    I feel hurt my spouse is super emotional quick to anger and not gentle or kind when they are upset and want to correct which is often:/ I need strength peace and wisdom love and forgiveness
  • Prayers for health

    I would love for any extra prayers this week as I have been experiencing some medical issues and I'm scheduled for a catscan. I've always been very healthy and I'm in my early 40's. I'm praying that it's God's will that my cat scan comes back clean. I am very scared!!