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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Cancer and finding God

    Please pray as I fight this breast cancer to good health. Please pray that I open my ears so I can hear god when he talks to me in this ever busy world.
  • In need of a home

    Praise the Lord ! I ask for you brothers/sisters to please pray for me and my family. We are in need of a house, they are sending us out of our current home and we don't know where we will be going next. Please pray that God sends us a house to live in, all i can do is pray and put my trust in him. Thanks and God Bless
  • Career Guidance

    First I pray for the success of the Fall Fundraiser. Secondly, I was informed, yesterday, the 4th grade position I went for was filled. I am feeling lost in my career. I love being a teacher, and have enjoyed working at as a substitute. Unfortunately, being a substitute does not always help make ends meet. I ask for prayers of guidance and discernment. Thank you for your prayers.
  • Becoming the Woman that the Lord wants me to be.

    Pleas pray that I have faith and become the woman the Lord wants me to be. The Lord allowed me to leave a toxic work environment and placed me in an opportunity that has given me new computer skills. I pray that he guides me to a work environment that I can now use my Masters and help my community!
  • Family Tragedy

    My father's sister (his only living sibling) was killed in a car accident in Kansas yesterday morning. My grandma, her mother, has been through so much already, and she is elderly and not in good health. I know she is strong, only because of Christ in her, but she needs strength and wisdom for some important decisions. Please especially remember my uncle and their adult son and young (11 year-old) daughter. Please pray that this would not cause bitterness or hardness in her family's hearts, but that they would be tender and drawn closer together and closer to Christ through this tragic situation. Thank you so much for caring. It is prayer that truly moves the mighty arm of God.
  • Please Pray for my 3 year old daughter Leah

    I believe in Jesus, that nothing is impossible for him !!!!! That he could heal her ! Doctors tried but it didn't work, please pray our Savior is Powerfull !!!!!
  • Spiritual Battle

    Please pray for my cousin who is struggling with a desire to engage in an emotional affair which could go beyond that if she does. She's asked for prayer but is not a Christian. Her wonderful Christian stepmother died when my cousin was 18. Christine got mad at God and is only warming to His love over the last few years. She has a good husband, not a perfect man at all, but he is also not a Christian. He is Jewish but not really practicing. I see this temptation and resulting struggle as God-ordained.

    Stand with me that God works ALL things out for good for those He loves and are called according to His purpose. Thank you!
  • Will to lose weight

    On Bipolar meds w/ incr app/wt gain. Can't stop these. Am 120 lbs. overwt. Can't stop eating; don't care. I've prayed 4 so long. Today I've already had 3 Pop tarts, 1/3 lge box donut holes, 1 scone, eggs/sausage. Eat 2-3 things 4 b-fast, 2 sand 4 lunch w/ mayo, 3 helpings din, snacks after din until 10:00. Drink tons of H20. Unable to eat fruits/veg or fiber foods d/t chronic sm bowel obstruction & hospitalizations. Being chastised by family. Do not feel sorry 4 me; I don't.

    I ask U pray w/ me that God gives me courage 2 want 2 lose wt--not just 2 help me lose wt. If I don't want 2, it's not going 2 happen. I want the will 2 do this. I need 2 do this. I need His will. I can't do this alone & I ask that you pray w/ me. Thank U 4 listening.

    God Bless U!

    Patti Bughi (boogie)
    (509) 520-5075
  • A

    Please pray for "A". She is a foster kid, who has no ties to her family, has a foster family who is kind but not able to fulfill her basic needs. She is tormented and bullied every school day and they steal from her and throw her belongings outside in the rain. Her foster family gave her a special present and the kids at school took it away from her. She is at her breaking point. So young to deal with so much! Please pray that God would work a miracle for this young lady!
  • Pregnant and alone

    Hello, I don't usually do this, but I am in serious need of prayer. I believe prayer is powerful. I am nearly 22 and i'm 13 weeks pregnant. I already have one little girl who is soon to be three. Her dad and I were together for 3 years, but we did not work out. Nine months after we broke up I met an amazing man of God and I gave my life to christ. It was literally love at first sight to me. Fast forward 7 months, now I am pregnant and he has left me. Please pray that our relationship can be restored through Christ.