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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Fear Stronghold

    Please pray for me. I am living a life of constant fear of punishment and failure. I've tried to talk myself out of it. I've prayed but it's still all there. Please pray for me for the Lord to set me free and help my relationships to blossom and for me not to be afraid of men. Thank you
  • Road Rage this am

    Please pray for me and the other person who was trying to scare me this am. IT was a ROAD Rage and I am scared driving back home. Not sure what I did to him/her but please pray GOD got control of the situation. Please pray for all drivers. I feel like I am going to die... :( I am shaken and scared

    Thank you
  • Prayer For Healing

    I was told I am loosing my hearing and now there is so much noise in my ears
    it makes it really hard to hear people. Please Lord Help Me.

    Thank You For Your Prayers
  • Prayer

    Please pray for me...life keeps pummeling me.
  • husband

    My husband has changed and become hard hearted he makes me cry and doesn't care about my feelings we have a baby. I pray that God saves him and gives him feelings of guilt for his actions and that he becomes a good husband and father.
  • Drug addicts

    Please pray for my brother who is struggling threw a drug addiction and depression. He has a two beautiful boys that need him. He needs to come back to God! Thank u
  • Suicidal Daughter

    Please pray for my 30 year old daughter Katy. She is severely depressed and anxious, and is fighting what she now thinks is BiPolar Type B. She shared with her sisters and I this morning that she is "scary suicidal", after a really bad night. She is seeing a Psychiatrist at 4 today. I am making arrangements to fly to her and take care of her, or stay with her if she is hospitalized. Please pray also for her husband, who has served 10 years of a 16 year prison term. God bless you for your prayers.
  • adult daughter

    pleasepray that my daughter gets one of the two jobs that she has been called back about. She has had a tough road.
    praise God for the good to come!!
  • Nephew ill

    My nephew Santiago is ill, the doctors haven't figured out what it is that's wrong with him but they gave us a 10% leukemia, 90% virus. Please pray for a him. He's only 3yrs old. God bless!
    Isaiah 53;5
  • Grandson's father

    pls pray he seeks Lord now & our daughter too