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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Direction for me

    The Lord made a way financially for me to quit my job (which is great but I'll totally miss the people) so I can be with my hubby whose new job is 4 hours from our family. (They recently moved to be near us) It's hard to leave them
  • Son's college & job

    Pls pray he can get the Math class he needs (prerequisite) & his job will allow him to go from 40+ hours to a lot less to go back to school
  • Grandson's preschool

    Please pray the Lord opens the door for a Christian preschool & I'm able to volunteer there also.I just resigned from my daycare job to spend time with him and also with my hubby who works 3 hours away
  • finances

    I need prayers for my new business and the related income needs.

    I am asking for prayers that this business continues to create the historical incomes of its 44 year history and that it successfully provides for my family. I ask for prayers that I successfully learn enough quick enough that I do not lose customers due to my learning curve, and that I can grow the business and make it a solid performer.

    I know that if God is for it, no one can stand against it. I ask for prayers that it is God's will that my family and I find success in this venture for the long run.

    I ask for prayers for a hedge of protection around my finances and this business' finances.

    Thank you,

  • Teen Son

    Please pray for my teen son. My husband and he don't get along. My son has withdrawn from him because he is worn down from being screamed at (not exaggerating) and he is becoming hurt and bitter. I am at my wits end as to how to fix this as my husband thinks he is not the problem, and just goes about like nothing is wrong. It is effecting my marriage and I'm afraid we will lose our son when he gets on his own. I'm having a hard time communicating with my husband about this. When I defend my son, he just gets more upset. Please pray for us. I don't know what to do, and I don't want a divorce.
  • Bills

    I need God's help with a large utility bill. I was very frugal with it this winter but it is still large. I also need money for car problems. Please pray for me! It is making me feel like there's an elephant on my chest from the stress.
  • church

    I don't really go to church much anymore. I feel confused and a bit lost. My husband and I weren't raised in the same faith. We've been to a few different churches, but nothing seems to fit the both of us. How are we supposed to set a clear path for our children when we are confused ourselves? Please pray for guidance and peace among us as Sunday can be a day of discontent and confusion rather than unity.
  • help with kids at school, job loss, and possible loss of home

    Our kids are being taught in school that evolution is fact. Teachers told our daughter there is no proof of god. I was never even told they would be teaching this. I'm worried that if they are possibly confusing our kids, who were taught that god is our creator, then where does that leave all of the kids who don't have parents at home to correct this? Pray that schools across the board drop this from the curriculum. Also this past year I was injured at work. L&I finally approved me, but a year later the damage has already been done. I'm looking at bankruptcy and the loss of my home. Recently I was informed that because I'm still on light duty my job no longer has anything for me to do. I know god has a plan. Please pray that if it's gods will we are able to keep our home. Pray his plan becomes clear to us so we know what steps to take next. Thank you!
  • prayer requests

    Please pray for the situation going on with Stacy and she stops causing trouble. And special intentions for me and Leo. In Jesus name! Amen! Thank you! God bless you!
  • job for son and entrance to grad school for middle son

    Please lift up my oldest son. He is a recent college graduate and has been applying for jobs. Please pray for the Lord's favor that a door opens for him in the area. Please also lift my second son up. He has been placed on the wait list for grad school. Please pray that the door opens for him and he gets in.