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Prayer Center

Prayer Center

    THANK God , for THIS Local Church has been HELPING our FAMILY with MEALS and OTHER. THINGS....WE DON'T even go to THEIR CHURCH.... They really know WE NEED HELP.... WE NEVER expect to get. HELP...
    It's been a SURPRISE and a BLESSING... Thank you.

    PRAISE GOD ,,,, THIS Local Church has been HELPING our FAMILY with MEALS,. OTHER THINGS...
    WE Don't even go to THEIR CHURCH,, They really know WE NEED HELP.,...
  • Healing and Finances

    Please pray and agree with me for me to be healed now. The Dr has said I am in complete total kidney failure. my hair is falling out in patches and they think that I may have Addison's disease. My body is covered with an incurable disease on my skin and some burns.It has spread to my face I look like a monster. I have to take a round of new test soon.The Dr said they the test must show improvement and progress. I really can't take much more. With all of this now I can't work, please pray for an increase in my finances and my marriage of 30 yrs is now strained. Thank you so very much.
  • ?

    I don't trust God anymore. All my relationship with him has brought me is emotional and physical pain. I pray and things get worse. I pray harder and things continue to get worse and the pattern continues only worsens. I can't even have a little oasis, a garden. The physical pain is very bad now. I look hard into myself and ask over and over what did I do to deserve this?
  • Prayers for healing and strngth

    Pls pray for Ricky he just had a surgery and will have another on Monday, he's in pain and cannot move. His mom passed away this year and his dad committed suicide a couple years ago, he is a wonderful man with lots of physical pain and grief. Thank you Jesus for his Aunt and Nanna that don't leave his side.
  • Scared, worried for daughter safety

    Please PRAY for our Daughter ALEX, She's in a VERY CONTROLLING. RELATIONSHIP..,Her Boyfriend.,,, PATRICK WON'T ALLOW Her to NOT to her FAMILY.... PRAY she.,to Come Back to her FAMILY..... SHE'S being CONTROLLED.....
    They had a BABY together....? I PRAY for our Daughter....For SAFETY..

    Please. PRAY for MY HUSBAND to get ALL IN. HOME CARE‚Äč, he NEEDS..,, PRAY for HELP,,. getting his MEDICINE. ,even FOOD,. Please. PRAY. For US..... Thank you..,
  • JOBS

    Please. PRAY for our Daughter Kathy and Son Tyler to get JOBS close to Home.,.. PRAY for HELP FAVOR.....
    THEY are getting Frustrated, NO JOBS,,YET...??. Please PRAY........
  • Better choices

    Please PRAY for our SON TYLER, to be surrounded with FRIENDS, FUTURE GIRLFRIEND.....,.. PRAY for BETTER CHOICES....,,
  • Better choices

    Please PRAY for our SON TYLER ,who in a LONG DISTANCE ONLINE jRELATIONSHIP with SOME GIRL HE Hardly KNOWS NOW he talking MARRIAGE....... He Falls LOVE QUICKLY...'PRAY for MAJOR ROAD BLOCKS, HINDRANCES....... PRAY our Son Tyler will Meet a NEW GIRLFRIEND Nearby...'.. p.s,. HE'S Very LONELY....., please Pray. Thank you.,..,