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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • My spouse

    Please pray they act lovingly and know that I love them. They yell at me when they get upset and. Then often become degrading. After they get out their meanness and some time passes they act like everything is fine. Only sometimes do they apologize for getting angry but usually don't apologize for any of the hurtful mean crude things said. Pray they take things to the Lord and spend time w Him
  • Marriage

    I feel hurt my spouse is super emotional quick to anger and not gentle or kind when they are upset and want to correct which is often:/ I need strength peace and wisdom love and forgiveness
  • Prayers for health

    I would love for any extra prayers this week as I have been experiencing some medical issues and I'm scheduled for a catscan. I've always been very healthy and I'm in my early 40's. I'm praying that it's God's will that my cat scan comes back clean. I am very scared!!
  • Strength

    My family is going through hard times, one grandma is in a rehabilitation getting better and the other one is coming down with something. my family is doing everything we can and it's stressful we need prays to keep strong
  • marriage and husband

    Please pray for me and my husband. We were separated for about a year due to him having an affair and thinking he no longer wanted to be married. He has been home for several months now which I am so thankful for! Everything seems to be going well but I have a hard time to not let fear creep in… he is gone a lot for work. I just pray that he is being honest and faithful and that our marriage will be fully restored… I love him so much. Thank you for your prayers!
  • job problem

    Please pray for my job situation. I found out that a fellow employee is a back stabber and think she is saying things to my boss to cause difficulty as my boss is now cool to me. I need the income and benefits. Thanks.
  • Money

    I'm a single mother and my daughter and I are struggling with money problems please pray that we come in to some money. God bless!
  • Health

    I recently got diagnosed with a health issue. Please pray that it's a mistake and I get well. Trying to stay positive! God bless you all.
  • Son to spend time with sister

    Our son loves Lord & busy with own friends. Needs desire to spend time with sister, who is lonely. I've asked him to but he barely does. PLEASE PRAY Lord gives her godly friend soon!
  • Girl cousins to desire friendship

    Daughter moved into our area recently. Walk with Lord practically non-existent & has Christian cousins here (girls) that she has reached out to. They are polite but too busy for her. Daughter lonely & needs good godly friend