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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Coworker attacking me

    Please pray for God to change the heart of my co-worker who is gossiping about me while I'm in the office and I can hear her from the next room. She's asked another co-worker to join her in filing a complaint about me. I heard the coworker say that I could prove it wasn't true and she tried to get her to do it anyway. I've spoken to no-one outside of my boss about it, but she is talking to anyone who walks through her door and offering to share emails I've written with people not in our office. I've tried being kind. She's ruining my reputation. I don't want to lose my job.
  • Healing Prayers

    I ask that you please pray for my friends son. He in in the hospital with a blood infection that is attacking his heart an other organs. Last night the doctors gave her no hope for recovery.
  • Help

    I’ve been in ongoing battle with the evil one and his demons, I hear them and talk with them (not by choice) they are attacking my body as well as mind. I’m Christian and pray also I have faith that one day it will go away and be given the Holy Spirit, I’m afraid because they do attack other people that are by me. I need help and be delivered please
  • brother needs prayer

    Please say a prayer for my brother Clifford. He has a large tumor growing on his chest. He refuses to go to the doctor about it. He says he thinks it's cancer and that he don't want to lose his place. He wants to leave his property to his daughter. And he don't want the state taking it. I know it sounds crazy. Please pray that it is not cancer. And that he will have it checked out. Thank you
  • Pray for friend who feels Satanically attacked

    I would like prayer for friend who feels attacked by the devil, he also has a very bad breathing disease. I pray God lifts him up and helps him in his confusion....I am also saddened by all the prayers on here...God please help everyone...you are the only one who can do it.
  • Need God's Help,,,

    I just got notice down here in Kelso , Wa ,,,they want to do a evaluation of my income for my apartment and they are raising my rent in May $ 60.00 . They don't have low income apartments down here. Want to move back to Spokane, Wa and no openings right now. Don't want to become homeless. Having a hard time sleeping now because of worrying . I know God is in control ,,,,But Please Lord Open Some Doors For Me ,,,,Please.

    Thank You For Your Prayers ,,,, Still Praying For Everyone On The Prayer Center,,
    Guy W. and my son Brandon
  • healing

    Please pray for P who had to be life-flighted to the hospital early this morning. They are running test on P but we are all very concerned. I also would like prayer for my health. I have had symptoms of mini-strokes. Thanks for the prayers!
  • Coworker

    Father God please my coworker. Please fill her with your love and mercy and grace. Please show her how special she is to you and that because she’s special to you, she’s special to me too.
  • Husband need help

    I am asking to pray for my husband to stay strong and have god open up new doors to for a case he is in. He is feeling defeated. The out come can change are whole life for the worst. Pray for him to find the right people to help him bet on his case.
  • a little boy in need

    Austin is 22 months old. Sat he choked and went in to cardiac arrest. He is now on life support, we are asking God for him to wake up and heal!! there is concern about a lack of brain activity. Thank you!!