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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Praying for new job

    I have been praying for a new job for over 4 months. I live in a rural area and there isn't a lot to offer. I'm feeling stuck and hopeless. I'm also looking at a career change and some place that I may be able to retire at.

    Thank you.
  • Emergency

    Im in need of help and deliverance I’m being attacked by the devil please help
  • Miracle

    There is young man sitting next to me and I believe he has demonic activity that’s messing with him I ask for a miracle that our Lord Jesus Christ will heal him
  • Son needs work related wisdom

    Pls pray he will decide (and still has the option) to remain at his graphic art job until he can find another job he would rather have or have wisdom to see the one he has is the right fit. He needs more schooling to get a higher paying job in his field or needs to be willing to train in an area that he can be artistic in but can offer benefits, at least. He is married with no kids but needs better stability in work..husband and I have offered suggestions over the years...he is 28
  • Help

    I need help immediately and forgiveness for letting stepstones to the enemy in my house because of my ignorance I’m being attacked a ton mentally and physically also spiritually and physically please pray for me and my home
  • Marriage

    Need help! My husband is being very angry at for anything, yells, calls me names and i am tired of him treating like that, he is different in front of people, we go to church, he says he loves me but anger seems to be stronger, sometimes i want to give up everything , sometimes i feel so helpless
  • Help with van please

    We are in need of a newer van the one we have know has over 250000 miles and is brakeing down alot if you of someone that can donate we have worked at a local foodbank for going on 17 years we make just a ruff money to pay the bills but no exta at all the foodbank keeps us alive with the food we get from their if you can help you can get a hold of me at the Vineyard foodbank I am the foodbank manger there wed & thur THAKS SO MUCH MY GOD HELP US ALL OUT IN THIS TIME OF GREAT NEED !!!!!!

    Update just today

    Are van is know gone we are without a vehicle so we can not do anything but just close buy stuff the tire is coming off and will cost more the a used van would
  • Financial

    I am asking you for your prayers that My Father God help me with heat for my house and to fix my hot water, I am boiling water for baths.. Father God help me in my life..
  • Financial

    I am asking you for your prayers that My Father god to help me in my life..!!
  • Birthday

    I have a birthday coming up. I usually have very lonely birthdays and I just can't take another one. Pray that God makes it special. I also have a prayer request for enough money to cover my bills and that I find great deals on food for this month. Thank you for this site! I pray for all of you as well.