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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Grandson's school

    Pls pray his preschool will see the need to
    Restrict younger toddlers from using the high playground equipment that they are only concerned he will fall off (due to his poor eyesight). This seems to be an issue that could affect other children too
  • Parent agreement for grandson

    Pls pray our daughter can be timely to get the legal help she needs to get a parent plan in place.
    Her 3 year old son's father is non-commital to when he will return him (every time she lets him take him) & they live 4 hours apart
  • Work

    I love my job! My boss is amazing! But this week I may have to deal with some drama. I am not good at drama, please pray that I am able to deal with this situation and am able to calm the situation quickly. And everyone walks away happy!
  • Friend's surgery

    My friend is having leg surgery tomorrow and is a bit scared about what is going to happen. Prayers for him as he is going through this tough time.
  • My sister

    Please pray for my sister who just admitted she has attempted to suicide. She is going through a 2nd divorce and has partial custody of her daughter so she rarely gets to see her. She is serving in the military and is far from family so it's hard to be there for her. Please pray for her... Please. Thank you.
  • Grandson

    Has left home at age 15....has fallen in with a bad friend who he thinks is great...heartbreak for the entire family. We LOVE him so...Thankyou for your prayers
  • Help from God

    So very down about things. Everything is going wrong. Please pray that somehow all the problems will be solved. I am at a loss of what to do anymore or how to fix things.
  • Direction for me

    The Lord made a way financially for me to quit my job (which is great but I'll totally miss the people) so I can be with my hubby whose new job is 4 hours from our family. (They recently moved to be near us) It's hard to leave them
  • Son's college & job

    Pls pray he can get the Math class he needs (prerequisite) & his job will allow him to go from 40+ hours to a lot less to go back to school
  • Grandson's preschool

    Please pray the Lord opens the door for a Christian preschool & I'm able to volunteer there also.I just resigned from my daycare job to spend time with him and also with my hubby who works 3 hours away