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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • sadness

    Please pray for me as I'm feeling so very sad. My husband died a couple years ago and it seems there's been one trial after another in our family. My faith is unfaltering and I trust God to get us through, still the sadness.
  • CT scan on Wed @0800

    Please pray for my medical appt on wI been cancer free for 4 yrs. Thank you God for this heartbeat and each breath . Thanks 2you too for previous prayers!!
  • Breakthrough

    Lord I need a miracle to heal and restore my marriage please bring my husband home for the holidays
  • dying of being alone

    tryed 2 pulling in 2 achurch. if i had a million dollars or a wife i would gladiy take the wife .i guess its meant 4 me 2 dye aione.50 yrs zero kids my prayer id GOD WOULD TAKE ME H0ME TIREDN OF RIDING BUSES AII DAY/////////////////////////////////////// ???????????????????????????????????????????
  • I am reaching out.

    This started out with me being over weight. Then started with back problems that still have not been handled. Now I go into the ear specialist today (10/24/14 ) and find out I am loosing my hearing. I have my children and my grandchildren and I have God. But I feel so alone right now. I feel like my body is falling apart and nobody wants a broken down old man in a relationship. I am trying not to let this get the best of me ,,, BUT LORD I NEED YOU NOW. Help Me Lord.
  • pray for my mom

    Please pray for my mom who has some problem in her lungs.She has two nodules in her each lung.It is increasing in size since the last check up.Please pray that this is not cancerous.Please pray that this will just go away by use of medicines.Please pray that the Lord will give her grace and strength.Please pray too that God will help her to believe in the Lord Jesus as her Lord and Savior.Thank you .God bless you as you pray.
  • Prayer request for niece who is in the ICU.

    Please pray for our 14 year old niece who was admitted into the ICU and may be in there for the next week. She keeps going in and out of a fever as she has an infection in her lungs that may have passed into her heart and bones. She also has a blood clot in her leg. Also pray for her family for strength and peace as they go thru this with the confidence and trust that our Heavenly Father has them in His Hands. Thank you so much for your prayers!
  • Praise the Lord!

    I just want to thank all the people who prayed for my son. He decided to stay in the christian school, and his attitude has changed a lot, he is happy and tomorrow he is in charge of found the devotional for his class. Praise the Lord!
  • Hope for work

    I worked 18 years for a company before being laid off in May 2014. I've spent the past almost 6 months looking for work but not much to be found in my field. I interviewed today at a position that I really think would be good for me but I am hopeful that God will give me the strength to continue my search if I do not get this job, as the longer I am out of work the more futile the search feels.
  • Stressed

    We are about to be evicted. We can't lift anything and do not have another place to go. I can't believe God would want this for us and I can't sleep or eat and am sick to my stomach. We have done everything we can to get out of this situation. Tomorrow, we will try again but we are out of ideas. So scared. God help us feels like SOS