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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Want God's Guidance On My Choice To Move.

    I have live in Spokane all my life. I went down to Kelso,Wa to visit my daughters ,, grand kids with my son. I set on my daughters porch and prayed to God asking him for a financial miracle. He answered that miracle. Now I am asking for his guidance in finding a job and a apartment down in Kelso,Wa. I want to be with my grand kids and my daughters. Help Me Lord ,,, Help Me do this with your Guidance. Lord ,, open doors or close the doors Lord.

    Thank You All For Your Prayers.
  • Son needs prayer

    God has answered some prayers you guys helped me with in relation to my daughter. Now I am putting my son out there for prayer. He has addiction and pride issues. He has excuses a mile long why he doesn't work. He has been in jail for a couple years once already and I am afraid he will find it again. So if you could pray for him to loose his pride get a job and start to live with Gods guidance. Pray that God can put some angels around him to keep the demons of pride and addiction away. Thanks
  • Muslim neighbors

    I have some Muslim neighbors who are very sweet. Please pray that they will find Jesus. I know they try hard but they are lost. I am worried about them. One of them asked me about my beliefs and now things are different but the rest of the family is still the same. God, let them be open to hear the truth and to see that I am not threatening and only want the best for them. God loves them very much and wants his lost children! Amen.
  • Normal

    I just want a normal life. I have a very dysfunctional family and can't have much interaction with them. I am isolated and always in a lot of pain. My prayer request is that God will bring kind friends and family into my life. I feel so alone.
  • Soul

    Been having a lot of trouble with rebellion and obstinacy in my soul, as well as frighting nightmares, all in all my soul isnt feeling well. please pray for me.
  • prayers

    Just needed some prayers for my soul.. That I would overcome darkness with light.. That the devil would stop attacking me around every corner.. That my soul would be well, and my life.. At this point, struggling with a lot of anxiety and fear.. Need a financial blessing.. It seems every time I get caught up, something worse comes along.. Thank you for your prayers.. God bless everyone
  • Jennifer update 3

    Jennifer went to the doctor yesterday who did the surgery. They do not have any idea why she has lost feeling in her arm. The doctor thinks she may have damaged it on the fall but with all the pain she didn't realize the damage. She still doesn't have any feeling in most of her arm. I keep my faith always
  • APartment

    I pray that me and my son will find an apartment a place to call home. We are living in a hotel for over 15 days and I really need to have my own place. Nothing like a place to call home!
  • Drugs and Anger Issues

    Please pray for Trisha who's struggling with drugs. She's finally opened herself up to her friends and family and has left her abuser/supplier but now she's wavering. She needs strength.
    Thank you everyone!
  • pray for my husband

    My husband loves to do evangelism.His mom died recently, so he was not been well.He is a teacher and saw an opportunity to reach all of his students with the gospel.We prayed and saw a way to get them all the message of the Gospel.He began to feel like he had the strength to do street evangelism again.The Lord is putting in his heart to go to Bible school to be a better preacher of His Word.But the enemy seems to work double time to stop him.Then the enemy struck.He injured his back very badly and has to lie in bed.He doesn't have strength to pray.He said his mind is being filled with suicidal and homicidal thoughts.He asked me to post a request for prayer from the saints.Thank you.Please pray for my husband.He really needs prayer.Please pray for protection and strength.