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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Prayers for Tammy

    Please pray for my friends mother Tammy. She is very ill and batteling cancer. She is in ICU and the doctors are not sure she will regain her strength. They need your prayers for her healing and comfort.
    Thank you.
  • Child

    Please pray for M. Her parents do not make sound choices and there is concern that another family member may be abusing her. God pick who should raise her and keep her safe.
  • Son in trouble

    Our son could be going to jail. Did some stupid stuff. Praying he will just go to jail if needed and take care of things. He knows we love him.
  • For me to pass my CDL TEST AND MY FAMILY

  • good job inside warm -2 degees a few days ago i ask in jesus name!

    God speed good job warm inside 60years old -2degees a few days ago I ask in Jesus name
  • Praise

    I praise God for the ways he is showing himself faithful to me and he really is a good God and much more than I can ask or imagine, I don't know how to explain the ways God is showing me these things without being long winded but I think I am starting to see things the way God kinda see's things, I am not trying to sound" holier than thou", but I see now why God wants us to tithe and seek his face and try to live holy lives, not to be a judgemental tyrant or just to set rules and regulations for us to constantly go by, but so he can see we reverence and trust him so he can bless us.I know I don't know everything but I see kind of how he wants to bless us. I Thank and Praise God as it has taken a lot of years of trying to be a Christian to come to some of these truths. I pray that every Christian comes to closer truths to God's love and promises for those who fear/trust him.