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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Dog

    One of my dogs may have eaten a wire bread twisty tie. Please pray that if one of them did, that it will pass without a problem. I love these guys so much and are my reason for rising every day. I am poor and do not have money right now.
  • marriage healing

    I am asking for prayer for my marriage that it will be restored. About 2 years ago my now ex-wife left and filed for divorce. Now over the past few months she has been talking about reconciling. I am all for that mainly because I believe that when we took our vows it was till death. I am asking for prayer for both of us that we will be able to put the past behind us and restore what God joined together, with Gods help and healing hand.
  • World Peace

    Hello.. I am sure you are all following the news on what is going on in the world, and praying.. I just wanted to take this time around the holidays to say a prayer for world peace.. The world needs Jesus more then ever right now.. With the wars and uncertainty in the world right now, I know I am troubled.. And it is easy to say in our hearts that Jesus needs to come back.. But I don't think anybody wants to go through the great tribulation that leads up to it.. So, I will continually be praying for our governments, and the people of the world who are suffering and dying.. God bless all