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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • jaydin

    Please pray for Jaydin who is 10 and in a comma. Steven and Traci are her parents. Also, thanks for prayers for me!
  • promotion

    I just applied for a job as a meat cutters apprentice.
    I promise that I will give a full 10 percent of what ever I make. Please pray for me
  • need a miracle

    I rented a house after being homeless the landlord isn't very responsible which has left my daughter and I living with no water for 2 weeks now. I spent everything moving and then purchasing gallons of water. Now we have no food but fortunately during the week I work and she attends the summer program at my job so she gets breakfast and lunch. We HAVE to be out of this house by the first . I am also dealing with a spider bite, I was bitten about 9 months ago and it turned into a terrible mess. After 5 doses of antibiotics my oncologist believes due to my bout of breast cancer on that side and removal of lymph nodes I am just not healing and now will be visiting the wound clinic, I am praying for finally healing without too much scarring. Honestly I feel abandoned by God as well as friends. But Satan won't win' I am going to keep believing
  • Friend

    A friend of mine is currently going through family issues. Please pray for her and her family as this ordeal goes on. Please pray that my friend overcomes this and that her sister stops what she is doing. Thank you all God bless!
  • nose

    A biopsy done 3 months ago on my nose has not healed properly and now a second procedure is being done this week in the same area. Please pray for complete removal as well as total healing so my nose looks normal. Thank you so much.
  • Prayers for healing

    I am asking you for your prayers that my sister Aileen recovers from her surgery for Brian aneurism ... And that she will recover... I am asking you for your prayers for her Husband and kids also..
    Thank You Very Much for your time and prayers..!!!
  • Emergency prayers

    My grandpa had a major heart attack last night and is know in an coma. They have him sedated and will be taking him off his life support tomorrow morning. Please pray that he comes out of it. If not may God grant us peace and comfort for our hearts.
    Thank you so much!!!
  • Move mountins

    Please pray for God to do what only He can do. Our family needs mountains moved and Jeremiah 32:17 tells us "Ah Lord God! It is you who have made the heavens and earth by Your great power and by Your outstretched arm! Nothing is too hard for You." There are too many specifics and details to list here but God knows. Please pray fro our family to have courage and patience and strength while God works and moves His mighty hand. In Jesus name, Amen.
  • Son

    medical problem with stomach pain continually - pray that problem will be discovered and resolved.
  • Many trials to overcome

    Please pray for my little family. We have huge trials yet to still overcome. I feel we are at a dead-end. Don't know what we should do anymore and I am crying all the time. I beg and have begged God to come through but he hasn't yet. Thanks for all prayers!