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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Stressful situations

    I have a few stressful situations occurring right now and I would love additional prayers for them. I keep praying that God will resolve them and I am hopeful with more prayers he will. These are causing me sleepless nights and I am feeling really overwhelmed.
  • Pray for my family

    P;ease pray for my extended family to come to God, Please pray for my sister Traci that she would want to have a relationship with Jesus and find a good church, her boyfriend Brian believe in God but also came from a bad church experience, he is in to death metal, horror movies and Sasquatch, I feel that there are demonic influences in his life and in Traci and her two kids life. I have been praying for years off and on and have seen little fruit, I know I need to pray everyday for this but there seems to be other prayer needs I pray for and forget. Please also pray for my brother Jake and his girlfriend Kourtney that they come to Christ.Thank You
  • salvation

    my wife needs to b born again. she grew up in the church, has been formally baptized at 17, now 57, but has in the past few years decided that God is not real.
  • For the one God taught me to love

    Please pray for my friend. Please pray that God softens his heart, sends him comfort, blesses him with a job near home (if it will be Gods will), but most of all that he doesn't looses his soul while chasing the world but instead realizes the meaning and importance of things. Lord please near him and carry him through this time. Him and his friend. Amen
  • Healing of eye sight

    Prayer requests for my brother Curt for healing of his body & eyes from diabetes complications. His sight has plummeted to darkness recently and dr's are trying to restore and has been put on dialysis! His spirit is at a low point!
  • Please pray for a better family

    I have been going through depression, anxiety, and anorexia for the last couple of years. A couple months ago I came home from an eating disorder place and since then my husband has been getting more and more abusive (sexually, physically and emotionally). Is there any hope that he will change? Please pray that he changes and let's the Lord into his heart and that I'm strong enough to keep going.
  • Healing

    Please pray for my friend who found out she has lung cancer. She is a believer and trusts in the Lord. She starts treatment very soon and I ask for prayer to get her through this ordeal and to completely heal her.
  • Salvation and Wisdom

    Please pray for salvation for my friend's husband. Pray for him to give over his life to Jesus and make Him Lord. Pray for a deep strong conviction of the Holy Spirit. Pray for my friend to have wisdom of what to do when things are being said and done that are harmful for their family.
  • Mom's test

    Please pray for my mom. She is having some tests done to see what is going on. Pray they find what is wrong with her. Thank you.
  • Job

    I pray God gives me the job I need to support my family and places me in the facility I am suppose to be and be a blessings to others.