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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Dorothy N.

    Please pray immediately for Dorothy N. in Arizona, she is being transported to the hospital having a stroke. thank you.
  • I need prayer that God helps me with my worries

    I pray God helps me with my worries and pain, I have gone through a lot and a lot of it is poor choices but a lot of spiritual warfare too, I need God's help...I am so stressed out.
  • Baby

    Husband and I have been trying to conceive and have had no luck. Please pray that our amazing God blesses us with a child.
  • relationship

    I have been in a 52 month awesome relationship with a wonderful man. Our relationship is very good and we love each other very much. Problem my boyfriend has been divorced once before and believed he should have never gotten divorced by Gods rules. He went into his marriage without being in love and he made it last 16 years (his wife wanted the divorce) he is punishing himself for it and after 52 months he asked me if we could take a break without seeing other people while he figures out in his head if he can commit to me 100 percent because he has already messed up once. I say he has to make peace with his past to move forward. Please pray for him and our relationship
  • Sisters just diagnosed with tumor

    Please pray for my only sister. She just got a cancer diagnosis and is awaiting a schedule for surgery. I’m praying they get it all with this surgery! Her husband children and grandchildren still need her! Thank you
  • feeling dismayed

    I prayed for the right job to come along for over 6 months.. And I know you prayed.. I found a job, and it is the worse job I have ever had.. Then, after just 2 days, they said they didn't think I was suited for the job.. So now I am looking for a job again.. I hope the next job I find is the right one.. Cause I need the money.. I know that God has a purpose for everything.. I hope I find that purpose.. Take care
  • Healing for a friend.

    Please pray for my friend Lynn French she's a stage 4 cancer survivor and now has a mass in her colon. She is only 57 and has a 17 year old daughter.
  • Moving Forward

    I have been in the position of taking care of an ill loved one for several years now. As he gets no help from his family, I have felt responsible for him since we were dating at the time he became sick. Unfortunately, he chose to not take care of himself as well as he could have and it has gotten to a point where it has become too much stress for me. Our relationship did not survive, although we still care for one another and remain friends. He is attempting to find a place to move and is applying for Social Security so he has an income other than me. I am sad to see it change but need to move forward with my own life. I struggle with what I want and the timing of it vs surrendering to what God's will and timing are.
  • Financial Recovery

    I am currently experiencing financial difficulties due to health issues, please pray for me that God will intervene and give me the help I need to pay my bills. Please pray that this burden is lifted.
  • health-school-family

    I'm beginning my last quarter of school and am experience some health issues. Please keep me in prayer to finish my program strong and for God's guidance and healing upon my body. And also pray for a smooth remainder of pregnancy for my wife who is in her sixth month. Thank you.