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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Guidance for hisband's work

    Pls pray my husband has Lord's leading for a problem @ work and also whether or not to seek employment elsewhere
  • Conviction & re-dedication

    Pls pray our daughter will be convicted by the Holy Spirit & will desire His will for her life & will re-dedicate her heart to Him. Her worldliness needs to stop
  • financial

    Just wanted to say thank you to all those who have prayed about my wife and I's financial situation.. We didn't get the money.. And we lost something worth way more then we borrowed.. I am not going to lose heart though.. Cause I know God is good.. And that he will repay for anything that this world steals from us.. I ask you to keep praying for us.. And know that we are praying for you all on a daily basis.. Please pray that God will be in our choices.. Thank you.. God bless you.. God bless plr..
  • Daughter & sons

    Pls pray daughter listens to our advice about her relationship issues & older son gets better soon (Sick) and other son seeks another job with better hours
  • Prayers

    Please pray for us; God did a miracle for one of our problems but we still need some help. Very grateful but I have other things that need attention immediately. I know God can do it! Thank you all!
  • Prayer for decisions

    I need Lord to keep daughter's ex-fiancée reasonable & not intimidate her anymore with empty threats that he's since apologized for but leaves us not trusting him & wanting her to get legal help with a parent plan BEFORE he takes their son long distance (we live 4 hrs away)
  • realtionship

    Im so afraid in my new relationship, its the first i have been in since my last one over a year ago (which was very abusive) I am mostly afraid he will leave me. Please just pray Gods will in this, i dont want to be waiting around and feeling used... I just need to hear from him
  • Israel

    Please do not grow weary in praying for the safety and security of Israel. Thank you.
  • Financial

    Thank you God, for giving me your Holy Spirit as a guarantee of fulfillment of your promise's in my life
  • Need a Miracle

    I have asked for prayer before I am feeling desperate and depressed like never before I am overwhelmed I have been living without water for 3 months now it's not a bill issue only the landlord can fix the problem and won't my daughter is gone to live with her dad, my health is suffering I am a cancer survivor with problems I work full-time though I was categorized disabled in 2011 but I need to keep busy. I need to find and finance moving asap I need to be in a suitable place and a safe place I am in a horribly abusive marriage its embarrassing but I am guilt ridden when I try to leave in have reached out for help and am still alone in my battle please help