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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • (no subject)

    Son to get movig plans finalized with help & people. Hubby offered but won't call him or respond to my prompts....I think he wants son to be totally independent
  • a friend need your prayers for husband

    My friend Angela's husband Patrick is in the ICU on a Ventilator fighting for his life. Please pray for his recovery he is in his 40s and they have 3 boys. Doctors say he has a 50/50 chance but as we know those statistics don't mean a thing with our Powerful God. Please pray for him my fellow believers. Thank you.
  • Wisdom

    I feel as if I am stuck in a rut where I am currently living. I am graduating from college soon and I am still living with my parents, which is a really unfortunate situation. My job is very draining, and I am already getting burnt out. Please be praying for God to give me wisdom and for His guidance in this situation. I feel as if the more I pray for wisdom and patience, the less of those things I have. I'm not sure if this is God's way of showing me that it is time to move on, but it is incredibly frustrating. Thank you all for your prayers <3
  • Financial

    I am asking you for your prayers that My Father God give me all of His, Wisdom, Strength, Insight, Understanding. Knowledge, Power in my life.. For me to apply all of the fruits of the Holy Spirit in my everyday life.. For My Father God to open up the windows of heaven and pour out on me in abundance all of His richest blessings that I may not contain them all or understand it.. For My Father God to put a woman in my life to be my Wife, and for Him to bless us completely and thoroughly.. Thank You Very Much..!!!
  • Daughter & son

    Pls pray our 22 year old daughter will be wooed by the Holy Spirit to start attending church again, seeking Lord's will for her life...her name is Shannon
  • Grandson & preschool option

    We are willing to pay for a day of preschool for our grandson. Need willingness from daughter & baby's dad & a ride there...if Lord wills
  • Spending time with Jesus

    Please pray my spouse would spend time with Jesus and be in His word. Pray that this would become the highest priority as it was before.
  • Anger/stress

    Please pray for a friend who deals with anger every day and needs self control. They are super stressed from all the pressures and responsibilities they have but not setting time aside to rest at Jesus' feet and spend time in His word to hear from Him. They say I can't take it anymore, and talk about ending their life.
  • Job Interview

    The Lord is good and thanks for supporting me in prayers. I have a job interview coming up Tuesday and I would need the grace of God to go through. I have been home for 3 months after a bunch of us were laid off. I pray the the Lord grants me favor and He Himself will take over the interview. Also, I ask that my faith would be renewed day by day, and that I would love God with my whole being. Amen.
  • Huband and finances

    We are struggling financially. we might lose all our vehicles.my husband see's no hope and is thinking thoughts of suicide.Please pray for us.
    Thank you so much!