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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • New job potential

    About 2 weeks ago I applied for a job to be a program manager with Samaritan's Purse US disaster relief. This job is perfect for me and I believe that God has molded me over the last several into a person to fulfill this position. Please be praying that doors be opened for it and that all the little pieces of the puzzle fall into place.
  • My husband

    My husband is depressed about our finances. We have a lot of medical bills. He refuses to pay them. Then it makes me frustrated at him.
    Thank you
  • Purchasing a home

    Please pray for my household we have found a perfect home for our family after we have been looking for months and we all absolutely love it and it fits with everything we wanted and need. Please pray that the bank accepts our offer and that we buy this home we can call our own and raise our children there with many blessings and laughter.
    Thank you
  • Full medical plate!!!

    Had a lumpectomy in one of my breast due to DCIS. They didn't get it all. Will be losing my breast. Getting ready to set
    surgery up......My neck starts acting up!! Bad disc???? Bone spurs?? Very painful!! See a Dr. today. Need prayer for a
    full plate..............Thank you God Bless
  • Stressed out

    Health issues getting worse and financial outlook not too bright. Something going on with credit. Every time things going well, things just get go crazy. I know there are no guarantees in life. Hoping God will help us through this.
  • So much

    At my breaking point. Just thinking about life makes me sick to my stomach. Seems to follow me to each new chapter in my life. Just want a safe place and some normality. I can handle ups and down but not the constant cruelty and onslaught anymore. Don't know the words to pray. I keep telling God that I can't handle this anymore.
  • Fear

    I pray for victory over my fear. I always have a feeling of dread in my stomach. It never seems to go away. Thank you.
  • darkness

    Please pray for me. I'm in a dark place right now with not much hope. I've been here before...please help me, Lord.
  • Scary Event

    Please pray for the well being of my family and I. I made a really stupid mistake that put us all in jeopardy, and I've been haunted and tormented mentally from this situation for the past month. Thank you.
  • Stressed!

    Something very stressful going on in our lives. Please send prayers our way. Thanks.