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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • healing

    Please pray for a deep cut on my arm that likely needed stitches as the skin keeps splitting open and now also looks like it is getting infected. Thank you.
  • Finacial And Healing

    I am asking you for your prayers that My Father God give me all of His, Wisdom, Strength, Insight, Understanding. Knowledge, Power, to apply to my everyday life.. For me to apply all of the fruits of the Holy Spirit in my everyday life.. And for me to be obedient to all that my Father God tells me to do.. For My Father God to open up the windows of heaven and pour out on me in abundance all of His richest blessings that I may not contain them all or understand it.. For My Father God to put a woman in my life to be my Wife, and for Him to bless us completely and thoroughly, and for my Father God's Healing power to work in me right now..!! Thank You Very Much..!!!
  • School

    This is more of an update than a prayer request. But about 2 weeks ago I asked for prayer that I would pass all my summer classes. I was taking 3 classes (16 week classes crammed into 6 weeks), Physiology, Chemistry, and PE. I also had to move houses during finals week. THANK YOU FOR PRAYING FOR ME! There is absolutely no way I would have done this without God. I felt an actual difference when people started praying for me. I've never been good at doing school, I am an amazing procrastinator, but God has been showing me how to choose him instead, and do this for his glory. I got Bs in chem and phys! (B-, 80%) and PE was pass/no pass, so I passed it:) Thank you!!!
  • Upset

    I was s graduate from a local men's discipleship program. I am upset with the new pastor/director for ruining my name amungst the congregation of the church that sponsored the program. He has made me an outcast and I am hurt. I want to forgive him and move on, but he has not apologised to me.
  • Praise

    Thank you all for your prayers. God brought me through a very difficult time and I didn't have to have a heart bi-pass. I had two stents put in instead. The smaller blood vessels that were closed are now open. Praise the Lord!
  • Favorite Uncle

    My favorite uncle just had a stroke and is in the hospital. He is going to be okay, but is not well yet. Please pray for his recovery, as well as his wife and children. He's got a 6 year old daughter and two boys in middle school.
  • family

    I believe prayers solve impossible situations in our lives and during hard times God always finds a way to wipe out our tears.I pray that the ever merciful Father will provide the financial breakthrough for me to go back to college and also see my family whom I haven't seen in a decade
  • My sisters marriage

    Please pray for my sister and her husband to be loving forgiving understanding kind and gentle w one another and that they don't let the enemy get a foothold in their marriage by talking about separating. They have 3 kids who are being affected by this. They seem to both feel despair and hopelessness.
  • Ash Divine

    Please pray for 4 year old Ash Divine. He had surgery two days ago on a ruptured appendix and is still in the hospital and still very sick. Pray that he has a full recovery and minimal pain. Please keep his mother and the rest of his family in your prayers as well as they are so concerned for their little boy and feeling great stress and worry.
  • Unloved

    I am asking for prayers for me and my little family. I feel so unloved by God. Our family has had a rough time for many years and today I was in an accident. I don't feel physically well nor mentally. I know God says He loves all His children equally but I am not feeling this way. Please pray!