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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Healing

    My dear friend and coworker George P. - has gone thru cancer treatment and it was that he is cancer free, but has a serious sinus infection - pray that God would heal that situation, as he cannot afford not to work. When he told me that he was cancer free I was able to share with him how I had person's praying, as he does not no the Lord - I just would like him to experience of Gods Love and healing hand.
  • Difficult Decision

    There are two people I really like. One of them I have known for a long time, and the other one not so long. I am having a very hard time chosing one person over the other, and do not know how to handle this situation at all. I would greatly appreciate anyone's prayers or advice about what to do.
  • work situtation

    I ask that you please pray for my work situation. I want to give it to God and be set free from this feeling of failure. My supervisor does not like me. She is making several changes within our department and letting people go. I pray that God will show me the right path to take so I do not make this mistake again in my career. Thanks!
  • Death

    My baby rabbit died today. He was the favorite of the litter. My whole family is heartbroken at his absence...I know he's in a better place, but could you please pray that the sadness wouldn't be so deep...and we would be joyful once again.

    Thank you.....
  • death

    how does god view those who want to die? pray for the ones left behind.
  • Need a Home

    I have a Cocker Spaniel, 2 cats and 6 chickens... I am on SSI, I need a home desparately -!!! Please pray for me! Thank You
  • Prayer for healing of heart

    Hi I am a 35 year old female and I just got the new that I have a mild case of some leaky valves in my heart I am asking for people to please pray for complete healing of the heart since its a mild case not much doctors can do but I am praying that the ultimate doctor who healed my thyroid condition without medication can heal my heart thank you Jesus that you have healed my thyroid please do an ultimate miracle in me and heal my heart so no further future complications happen I pray for peace and for my stress and anxiety and panic attacks to go away please pray that God heals me and that he can use me and my story for a womnder testominy that people belive in the power of healing God you are our physician and you can heal I am living proof
    Thank you
  • salvation

    There is a christian chat I go too.. And there is a man named Muslim life.. I don't know his real name.. He is a very smart and gentle man.. But he is caught up in that Islam religion.. He has heard the truth.. I would like to ask you all to pray it takes root.. I would like to see this man calling on Christ and living for his glory.. Thank you
  • Freinds baby born with a deformed head

    Please join me in prayer for little ED he was born with a deformed head and he has some dr appointments I am praying for Gods hand to heal him. In Jesus name, Amen! Thank you.
  • Mom Fighting Cancer

    Please pray for my Mom as she is back in the hospital trying to keep her blood platelets high enough to have a bone marrow biopsy tomorrow morning! She has been fighting cancer for a couple of years and really needs to make it through the biopsy to start a new treatment on Monday and then have some of her own cell put back into her body to help reproduce good cell and not cancer ones! She is a wonderful Mother, Grandma, Wife and my best friend!
    Love ya Mom.....Please keep fighting!

    All your prayers are appreciated! Thank you