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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • daughters relationship

    Please pray for my daughter who has this guy as a friend and they have feelings for each other but have god be the center of their relationship. He would show her that he cares for her.
  • finances,health,deliverance,truth,faith,protection over m,b,a,s,cc,ogden fams

    We need money TODAY&CONTINUALLY NEED STABILITY IN THIS AREA NOW.husband needs work.Small amount of money comes in,gone before received.Need to pay electric by midnight.Its so hard for my husband to make money,he feels cursed.Lord rebuke this curse now & for good.I'm out of work all summer,as I work p/t in a school district.Lord intervene.We need You to provide for us & sustain us.help.Don't let the enemy prevail.You know we are in dire straits,please rescue us NOW.forgive us,deliver us from attacks & curses &enemies quickly.NO weapon formed shall prosper.return all attacks to sender &block them from us all here,in every way,shape& form,from my entire family & loved ones.Lord improve greatly,sustain,bless,protect everyones health in my family,M,B,A,S,CC,Ogden fams & future family members & dont let us believe otherwise.in Jesus Name,Amen.
  • My Son's Recovery

    Please pray for my son's continued success and recovery in his life and drug court. He has made remarkable strides this past year in his recovery and clearing up all of his past. He faces a difficult challenge this afternoon. Please, dear Lord, give him strength today and that today has a positive outcome so that he may continue the path he walks now. Amen
  • My wife is fighting breast cancer

    I ask for prayer my wife Dianna has had a reacurance with cancer she goes in for surgery to day. I pray for a surgens steady hand and that the cancer has not spread to the point that its not curable. I ask for prayer foe my two children John and Haley who are scared and watching there mom go trough all this again. I know God does not give us more than we can handle, but I also need to hear Gods word.
  • A place to live

    I've requested prayers over this a few times in the last 6 months and still need more. I really need a place to live that is cheaper. My landlord raises the rent almost every year without any improvements and the heating and cooling bills are expensive but he refuses to do upgrades. I need a place that is safe, peaceful and affordable. I know God can do it!
  • Nephew may not make it/Please pray

    My brother and his wife are having a baby, they are on the way to the hospital. Doctor told them a while back that baby had some complications and may not make it. God help! God we trust you with everything.
    Please pray for them

    Thank you
  • Need family support

    Please pray for my husband and I. We are having a really hard time with our very Strong willed 21/2 yr. old daughter. Every day is a battle. We feal like we are on our one. All of our family live thousands of miles away. So we don't have any one to take her for the weekend or even a few hours. We have only Ben on 2 or 3 dates in 21/2 years.
  • Continued prayers for my marriage

    I have asked a couple times over the last month or so for prayers for my marriage. I am living in an apartment now. I still have hope and am continuing to fight for my marriage. I have been struggling a lot though lately. I am trying to not overwhelm my wife Angel with things but I feel the more space I give her and the less I talk to her the more she will drift away. I am heart broken and sad right now and just want to start slow with her to try and work on our marriage. I do my best daily to honor her and my stepkids. I miss them dearly and just hope and pray that we can have another chance together. Can you please continue to pray for continued strength for me through this and for Angel's hurt to start to be healed. That we can both grow in God during this time away. Thank you all for your prayers.
  • tough

    I am feeling so so depressed, so stressed. Please pray for me! I could really use my guardian angel right now. So many problems and no solution in sight.
  • Please pray for my son Edgar

    My son is struggling with drug addiction, pray so his soul can be saved, and be free from his addiction.