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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Strength & continued peace

    Thanks so much prayer warriors for praying for peace for me about transitioning after a recent move away from our
    young adult children. I am feeling more hopeful about our future..praise God! Please keep praying that I can have His peace when I am alone and that our plans for getting me plugged in with a job, etc., will pan out real soon. Thanks!
  • prayer for my friend's mom

    My friend, Kelsey's mom is having surgery this coming Monday on removing some lymph nodes so pray for God to take care of her and that everything would go well and for the family because it's hard for them as well..pray for God's peace and assurance. Thanks!
  • Diabetes

    Please pray for my health because I want my diabetes to go away.
  • Student I work with broke arm

    Pray for Abby. She is a special needs 15 year old I work with and she broke her arm yesterday while in my care. Surgery on Tuesday, pray for quick recovery and super fast healing.
    Thank you.
  • Pray for my Husband

    Pray for my amazing husband to find God's will for his life. He is really struggling with selfishness, and has shut everyone who loves him out of his life. He has told me that he no longer wants to be married. That he is not a person who wants to live his life for God, and he wants to do his own thing because he isn't "happy" anymore. The most heart-wrenching part is that my husband is wonderful! An amazing father, and leader. I know that God has incredible plans for his life. My heart is broken, and I am praying for my husband to surrender to God will. We have two young children who are very close to their dad, and need him. My husband does profess that he knows Jesus as his Lord. I believe he is saved and is shutting everyone out because he has so much guilt over his choices. Please Pray that he finds his way back to the Lord, and for me to know what to do!
  • Healing and restoration of Jessee and Megan's marriage!

    The healing and restoration of Jessee and Megan's marriage! They have two little girls! They just adopted Zuri last year from Nicaraqua! Israel is their other daughter! Megan has asked Jessee for a divorce! He is Devastated! It has surprised all of us! WE ALL ARE HURTING! PLEASE PRAY!
  • Seeing God

    Please pray that God reveals himself to my husband who desperately needs to see His power. He is struggling with depression and finding a purpose as he is out of work. I trust God's ultimate control over my husband and any struggles we encounter. Thank you and be blessed. HE>i
  • Financial

    Good Morning,
    I m asking you for your prayers that My Father God give me all of His Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Power and Insights for my life and to help me financially..
  • Daughter and her husband

    Andrea been out of work for 3 months and is searching diligently with lots of interviews but no job as of yet. She is stressing and her husband is critical towards her and mentally abusive. She has all bills paid except for $326 for her car which was due on May 18th, we are retired and have helped but because of actions of her husband her step Dad says no and I understand. I pray that both will seek God and that a job offer will come through for her and can get her CNA schooling as she has medical assistance but can't afford the test right now. Praising God who hears and knows and I believe will happen.
  • Grace to adjust

    Please pray I can have grace to adjust the the changes in our family..mainly a new direction for me now that
    we are empty nesters. I've been praying about working vs. taking a class to get my confidence level back up to
    go back into office work..I keep vascillating and need His peace & direction. Now that we are empty nesters has
    me dealing with sadness, which makes it hard to concentrate