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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Husband

    Please pray for my husband. We are going through a rough time and want god to work in him in what he thinks best.
  • Need a miracle

    Please pray that the judge doesn't sign the final custody papers and that there will be a miracle that God will remove my ex and his influence who has continuously abused us from our lives. God wanted to bring victory but I was led astray in what I needed to do to achieve that. Please pray for mine and my sons protection. Please pray that God will intercede on our behalf.
  • New Job and Hope

    Please lift me up in prayer and hope for a positive response to an interview for a job that would allow me to use my Masters, as well as, work in Community Development doing the Lord's work. Please pray for faith and hope because I have been looking for two years.
  • Important Exam

    Please pray that I will pass a very important yet difficult Home Healthcare Aide Exam. This is the last step to getting my HHA Certification to begin a new career. There is a 100-problem timed written (knowledge) exam, and a hands-on skills exam (also timed and a completely random selection of tasks). I have studied as much as I can, but am still extremely nervous for I haven't been able to practice the hands-on section for a while. I also have a heart virus so any extra stress is really painful, so please pray for God's peace to keep my mind clear and to keep me from getting sick from the nerves. Thank you for praying!

    I ask prayer for the men and women who work in the kingdom of God, such as pastors, evangelists, those who take care of the pshisical needs of the people of God, such as food, clothing and shelter, those who administer in the house of God, those who work in television or radio, those who try to comfort, whatever. Please, pray that God may give them wisdom, grace, power, understanding, courage, love, faith, mercifulness, persistence, joy, protection, peace, hope, deliverance, whatever good thing we feel drawn to. I thank you all in Jesus name. Let us remember how Job was healed.
  • Pray for God's will

    Please pray for the Lord to guide us in some decisions today
  • Prayer for family

    Please pray for Shannon & Martin to seek the Lord's will about their relationship. Shannon is backslidden and Martin is not a believer. They were planning to marry & we offered to help with cost (not all but some) and they decided they would rather live together (again). Please pray they change their minds
  • Praise son got job!

    Praise God our son got the job her was interviewing for! Thanks for praying..not we can stay in our hometown and
    not have to move with us..this is such a blessing for him, since he's been unable to find work for the past year after returning from India on an outreach with Youth With a Mission.
  • Marriage

    Please pray for my marriage.
  • Niece is dying

    Please pray for my sister and her boyfriend. My niece Rawan was born on March 21. Some time between labor and delivery she became very sick. She had major brain swelling which caused severe brain damage. The only part of her brain that is working are the parts that keep her lungs and heart pumping. The parents made a very difficult decision to take her off life support on Wednesday. Rawan is a strong and has held on for the last few days but today she is going downhill. Please pray for comfort for my sister and her boyfriend. Also please pray that this will bring my sister back to Christ and lead her Muslim boyfriend to Christ. Thank you for the prayers.