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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Please play for my daugther

    My daughter is moving back to Washington from Kansas City, and will be driving for long hours. Please pray for her safe return home. Thank you!
  • A Christian friend's marriage

    My friend Caroline and her husband are having trouble. He got angry last night and tried to grab her and she slapped him to get away. He called the police and they arrested her. She cannot go home for 6 months and she is devastated. She is a Christian. Thank you and God Bless.
  • Relationship after recovery and finding God

    Please pray for my daughter, her boyfriend, and their child. She is hard working and confused. He is in newly clean and loves the Lord. But their relationship is in trouble and they really need prayer.
  • Court and Children

    Asking for prayer for a co-worker of my significant other, who will be finally be going to court, this Friday; for custody of her children due to a very hostile ex husband who has been physically and emotionally abusive to her and the children both.
  • Peace

    I have an important job interview on Friday at noon and I have to admit I'm a little nervous and sacred. I know I'm not to live in fear but I'm afraid my nerves are getting the best of me.
  • Son Steven

    My son has had a very bad week at work and he told me that today he might get wrote up. I ask that the lords hand will be in on this and let him not get wrote up or loss his job. He works with disabled youth and is amazing at it he has been there 5 years longer than almost everyone. He is a single father and needs his job.
    I pray that God intervenes in this situation.
    I also pray that he starts walking with the lord again. he would be amazing youth pastor for someone.
    I ask these things in Jesus name Amen
  • Addiction

    Please pray for my husband. He is going through withdrawals. He really needs prayers.
    Thank you!
  • Daughter

    Please pray for my daughter and her husband as they meet with their builder who has been trying to do things underhandedly on the house he's building for them. He's lied several times about decisions (he attends our church), but they're meeting to see if he'll change the location of a second large electrical box he had placed on their property (for a whole other subdivision to come) or they may have to cancel their contract which means losing significant money. Plus they're concerned about having him as their builder at this point.

    Pray for wisdom and favor. Thank you.
  • Praise the Lord

    I wanted to say thank you to everybody who prayed.. I got the job, pending the results of the drug test, and background check.. I pray that I pass.. I do take meds for bipolar and anxiety.. I am worried about the background check.. I have not done anything too evil.. But when I was first diagnosed with bipolar, I had some run ins with the law.. Please continue to pray that everything goes well.. This job is in a store.. And I have social anxiety disorder.. I ask you to pray that God would heal my mind, spirit, body, and soul.. That I would not be overwhelmed.. I really need this job.. Thank you so much
  • Job interview

    Please pray for me, I had a job interview yesterday. I think it went well. Please pray I get a job offer if it is God's will. In the name of Jesus, AMEN.