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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Things Are Getting Worse

    Hello all ,,, I went in to have the nerves in my lower back burnt for pain relief and instead
    the pain is worse. I still don't have a income and no way to go back to work. I am reaching
    out to God and others more everyday. Just asking for prayer.

    Thank You All
    Guy Wilks
  • Healing

    I really need surgery that my insurance won't cover. Things are getting worse for my jaw. I can barely eat from the pain. I tried a shake diet but I got really sick to my stomach. I am out of ideas. Please pray that God will either provide the money for the surgery or give me total healing. Thanks!
  • Need Employment

    I have been without employment since January. I need a job and it really should be a daytime job for the sake of my mental health. I struggle with depression and low morale when I work nights.
  • Family

    By standing up for myself in my marriage I became the enemy of my in laws who claim to be Christian. I have done all I know to do to try to mend relations but it's completely beyond what I have the ability to impact. Please pray for healing. The last thing in the world I want is for this division to be permanent but I see no other possible conclusion. Please ask that all parties, including me, become aware of our own part of this disaster.
  • Prayer for the Healing with financial loss

    Hi. It's Cris again.

    I thank you for all those people who had pray for me online. Just hoping GOD Almighty will help me with my troubles. Currently, only have enough food for a day. Insurance company threaten to take cancel the policy. I need the car to find work. Now, more bills just keep adding on. I really don't know where to start or who to ask for help. Both of my parents are no longer living. God, I messed up! Maybe this is a sign why GOD is not listening to me. Please continue praying for me so, Lord God will maybe reconsider of helping me with my trouble times.

    a Struggling college student. Thank you! God bless you whomever decided to pray for me.
  • Loss

    A number of years ago I lost my husband whom I loved very much. A few years after he passed, I prayed for God to send me a companion and He sent me a wonderful man. But recently he passed away from cancer and I am feeling so devastated and alone. I know I am loved by friends and family, but I feel so empty and at such a loss.

    Please pray for me.
  • Forgiveness

    I know god wants me to forgive someone who hurt me in unspeakable ways, and i know for my own spiritual and mental health I should for give him, but I can't seem to get over my hurt and anger. I don't want to forgive him but I want to want to forgive him. Please pray for God to help me let go of my anger and pain and forgive and love like He does.
  • prayer for schools

    Please pray for schools and that the children who attend them will be cared for in safe, healthy and happy learning environments.
  • My daughter

    Please pray for my daughter. Her current boss is very unkind and verbal with her. We have tried to advocate for her, the coworkers have mentioned they are afraid to stand up. Some were approached and didn't speak up. Her manager has been lying a lot about the things she has done. I have been trying to teach my daughter to stand for the truth and what is right, because know one is willing to speak up, this situation has turned against my daughter . She doesn't trust anyone now and not only is spiraling into deep depression but is physically getting very ill. it is not ok for people regardless of their status to . Please pray that others will have the courage to stand up for the truth and that eyes will be opened. Please pray for encouragement, healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually for my daughter.
  • need prayers urgent

    Please pray for me.I'm having suicidal impulses, deep depression, ptsd, faith crisis, need full time job, need fellowship of believers.