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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Financial relief & vehicle

    Please continue to pray for my financial relief & my van is not working, having a very difficult time, I am very stressful and depressed, pleasr please pray.
  • twin preemie prayers.

    Please Keep baby Twin Sophia in your prayers as parents have already lost baby brother
  • My Son Tom

    Please pray for my son,he is facing Lung Ca.Don't know how bad yet or what the Drs are going to do.Still going through all the tests and steps but he needs all the prayers and support that I and you can give him. 2z3B
  • Feeling Alone & Financial Problems

    The Holidays are approaching and I lost my mom many years ago but it gets really hard for me during the holidays because I am struggling financially and won't be able to help out this year for Thanksgiving or get any Christmas gifts for my family. This not a good time of year for me. I went thru a break up in May but I still think about the ex-boyfriend and I won't this out of my head. I am good person with good morals in life and I don't know why I can't get a good Christian guy who will marry me and I can start a family with without any drama. I keep praying to the Lord to provide a good Christian guy in my life. I just feel lonely. All my friends have husbands or boyfriends and I don't have nobody and it sucks. I need prayers for my workplace there is two mean co-workers who are always being super mean too me and with everything else going on in my life I don't need this too.

  • Lost Friend

    I have a very dear friend that I care about deeply. However, she's currently going through a stage of her life where I'm afraid she's putting herself at risk both physically and spiritually. She's felt deprived of the "fun" life while raising two teenage boys the past decade or so and is now out trying to make up for lost time. She's closed her heart to love and doesn't believe it exists after several really bad relationships. She needs to find God's love. Please pray for God to put His love in her heart so that she knows it's real. And pray for me to give me the patience and mercy to be there as her friend.
  • Relationship

    I joined Match.com recently. Although this is not the first time I joined, it IS the first time I have asked for prayer support. I have been alone for 18 years, lost my spouse to death & have a great life, live simply, but have this heart ache to be in a relationship again. Please pray God will end this loneliness with the right person. Especially tough as the holidays approach. Thank You!
  • bill

    I have a bill that is due in less than a week. There's a financial hangup in my life that is holding everything up. It stressing me out!
  • Healing for me

    Will you please pray for me. I'm really sick with a bad cold.
    Thank you!
  • the loss the hurt

    Please prayer for me I am going thought some things
  • feeling alone and trapped

    I feel stuck and alone. Just as I start to feel like my life is moving forward, on whatever path God has for me, I feel dragged back into the pit of despair where I was when I found Him so many years ago. I am tired of crawling out of this again and again. I pray daily for guidance on what to do next, taking everything one step at a time. I feel abandoned by all the people close to me, even my church family, who are loving and kind. I feel so alone and lost all of the time. I have awesome friends but still often feel alone and invisible. The silence is too loud.