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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Son needs flexible hours for church

    Our son will be helping a friend with a start up business on weekends & my prayer is he will see importance of continued church attendance & employer to be flexible...its a friend
  • Mom clarification to move

    My elderly Mom in CA should move to be near my husband & I. She needs peace & strength & some personal confirmation from the Lord to take the step
  • Find solution that works

    Husband needs solution soon for a pressing problem & needs wisdom. His job is very demanding so this new problem needs a lot of insight from God since he's already overwelmed
  • Bring my husband home

    Please pray for my husband to get this job (12 Volt Installation Technician )because right now he works out of town and its tearing our family apart. If he gets this job we can be a family again. Please Dear God give us this blessing!!
  • Deliverance from drugadiction

    Think you for praying for my son he is going to treatment soon, please keep him in your prayers so can be deliver from drugadiction, his name is Edgar. Thank you!
  • My teen daughter

    My 13 year old is struggling with friendships. She is a bit overweight and doesn't fit in with the cliques in our small town. It breaks my heart. Please offer a prayer that she can find at least one friend as well as establish a relationship with God. Thank you
  • Hope for our marriage

    My husband and I have struggled for 14 years to build an intimate and loving connection in our marriage. I feel, especially lately, like I'm just living with my best friend. I feel like I get to be everything but a wife. There is no romance and no intimacy within our relationship. I just want to feel valued and treasured by him. This has definitely allowed me to seek my value and worth in Christ and I have sought it hard but I am lonely and feel very dead in our relationship. Since divorce and seeking this fulfillment from someone else is not an option and is not the will of God I am asking you to come along side me in praying that God will bring this area to life in me and in our marriage, that we would do what we need to do to rekindle what once was there. Thank you.
  • Praise for sister healthy baby

    Thank you for praying for my sister's pregnancy & a healthy baby, despite her diabetes while pregnant. Mom & baby both healthy!
  • Praise for husband's work situation

    Thank you for praying for my husband's work situation a while back. He was totally stressed for a long time with his new position but the Lord has shown him how to be more positive in his own personality & given him grace to be tolerant too
  • Praise for peace at work!

    Thanks for prayers! My work situation is improving a lot & I'm more peaceful about being here & encouraged by the Lord's ways in helping me adjust in some ways & how He helped me bring about some positive changes :)