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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Wife a new job

    My wife has a swing shift job and her boss just emailed her about a new day shift one .. We are blessed that we both work but we would get to see each other more often if she can get the day shift one. :) So pray for her to not have anyone else with more seniority apply for it. Since her boss told her about it we hope that is a sign she would like her to have it.
  • need strength and courage

    I have a very important polygraph test tomorrow and I am very nervous. Please pray for me that it will go well and that I will pass with flying colors. I need strength to overcome my sexual addiction as well please pray for that too.
  • Lonely

    I pray that God will give me a friend. I am so very lonely. I am trying out a church home group this Wednesday, the 27th. This has come about entirely by God's hand as I have social anxiety and have always been afraid of people and groups. My prayer request is that God will have me make a connection with someone at this home group. I am also praying for a husband. I pray that I will BE a friend, as well. That I won't just take but also give of myself. Thank you.
  • Wedding and No $

    Please pray that God will provide financially for my Wedding in July 4th two more month and don't wish to pros pone it.
    We want to do it the right way with God's blessing. And we don't have nothing plan not even a wedding dress :-(
    My fiance just starting working and I only work part time and going to school to get my MPA. We're struggling financially right now. I know God is good and listen to us when one or more gather to pray.

    Thank you for taking the time to pray with me/us.

    God bless!!
  • Very sick friend

    My friend Jami A is a brittle diabetic and is in the hospital with a blood infection. The doctors are looking at the possibility of removing her leg. I ask prayers for Jami, her parents and family And the dictors. Thank you!
  • weight loss

    I am overweight and I need to loose thirty pounds my doctor said it is important for me to loose weight to be healthy. I started weight watchers. Please pray for me to stay on this journey and be successful and have self control and make wise choices on the foods and drinks I eat.
  • Single homeless mother

    my daughter and I have been homeless and have gotten approved for an apartment but do not have the money to move in. I ask for prayers that God will provide a way when I can see no way. I ask for prayers for comfort that we will just trust in the Lord.
  • Life after high school

    I'm a Junior in high school and I only have a year and a half till I am on my own. this is really scary to me because I mean i have always had my mom and dad to support me and Im afraid that im not ready to live on my own just yet. Please pray for me that God will give me peace on this situation. Also pray that i keep trusting in God for Life after high school. :)
  • employment and salary needed

    Today I applied for many jobs. My five children need me to be home with them in the evening and on the weekends. Please pray I find a job that I am able to be with my children yet, able to support them and fulfill all their financial needs and necessities such as health care and food. I have been anxious about looking for a new job and my bills are getting out of control. Please pray doors open soon before my debt gets higher. Thank you for praying for me and my family.
  • Pray for friend who lost baby

    My daughters friend went into hospital yesterday to have her baby they have been trying for years and everything was going well the doctors have said the baby died a week before the cessarian was going to be performed. Please pray for her and her husbands strength in this terrible time. Their names are Roscille and Greg the baby was a boy going to be named Gjordon