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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • God's plan to be in children's lives

    Please pray the Lord will guide our three adult children now in a real tangible way...They are facing a new chapter
    in their lives in different areas...school, relationships, work, housing. Please also pray that I will feel the Lord's peace in a mighty way during the next month, especially. Thank you :)
  • My Sister In Law Martha Starts Chemotherapy Today

    PLEASE Pray for Martha that all goes WELL with the procedure. I have put her in GODS HANDS. Please pray that I have the Faith to BELIEVE that everything is going to be ALRIGHT.
  • Prayer for jobs & upcoming move

    We have a home in escrow and the timing is real close to our daughter's wedding, as well as our son still needing
    a place to live or change his mind and decide to move with us. (They are 21 & 23)
    Please pray the Lord will work out all the many details we have yet to take care of...thanks for all the prayers!
  • Infection In Right Foot

    My sore toes on my right foot are getting infected. Please pray that it goes away so I won't have to delay my hammertoe surgery on Thursday. Thanks and God Bless You ALL!!!!
  • Son's Interview

    Our son is graduating college this year and has a job interview Thursday, the 20th of March. Please pray for God's favor and peace during this process and for the results. Thank you.
  • Praise

    Thanks be to God for answering prayer and for you for praying. It looks we have a firm offer on our house. Please continue to pray all goes through fine and our buyer's home sells for her (the offer goes through anyway). So she will know God is good.
  • Pain, depression, marriage, strength for healing

    For the last 2 months, my husband and I have been living together again after 18 months of separation while he was in a Christian residential recovery program. I've been dealing with chronic pain for decades. A fender bender last weekend meant every previous injury flared up. No, I didn't tell him how badly that 'little' bump hurt me & remind him every day that it was enough to physically knock me out for who knows how long. Yesterday he was after me about the pity party I've been holding for myself all week. I hope I'm facing more surgery, but right now, after 27 years of marriage and all the struggles, I'm not at all sure we should keep trying to be married.
  • Strength to Obey

    I need ears that hear the Holy Spirit when He tells me to not light up a cigarette and not drink that glass of wine. I know He is telling me this and now I just need the Lord's strength and my obedience will follow.
  • police officer

    Sorry for the last entry. I spelled something wrong. Derrick delzaio got shot on a chase in wapato. Please pray for healing. Please pray that he will be able to return to work.
  • Prayer for guidance

    Our family needs guidance in alot of areas right now. Thanks!