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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Spiritual help....

    Hello, thank you for your time! I wanted to ask the prayer team to please pray for me. I have been fighting spiritual battles specifically with thoughts and I feel at time that I'm loosing strangth. God had been putting me through something I never expected, but I know he is making a diamond out of dust! Thank you and God bless! If you can respond by text..I don't use email 5098447025
  • Guidance

    Recemtly our family sold our home and moved out of state for a new job that was offered to my husband. We were very excited, but soon learned the housing market in the area is very tough and we are having a difficult time finding a new home to purchase for our family. My husbands job has become VERY DEMANDING, and we are starting to become weary. Did we hear Gods lead? Things fell into place quickly before but now we seem to be facing many obstacles. Please pray that we hear Gods direction. Thank you for your prayers.
  • Prayer for brothers

    I would like prayer for my brothers Cole and Jake, they are both very talented people that had gotten in with the wrong crowd at a young age, they didn't seek God and even though jake was raised in the church was more attracted to other things such as drugs and alcohol as I believe Cole fell into this as well. Now they are broken people unable to really take care of themselves or their kids and I have been trying desperately to help jake as he is younger and was raised with me as Cole was not and I don't know him as well. I pray that they seek God and that God really helps them and works out salvation and changes their hearts. Thank You for prayers
  • Husband

    After further testing my husband has congestive heart failure. Please pray that the cath test goes well. Thank you.
  • Son-Inlaw Brain Cancer

    My beautiful son in law had a brain tumor removed Aug 3, 2016. It is cancer. Our hearts are broken. I just want to keep him here with all of us so much. Please pray for me that I find Gods will in this. That's when I will truly know how to pray. Thank you so much
  • Marriage

    My marriage of 34 years is seriously in trouble. We cant do anything but fight when together. I'm ignored when I speak, I am spoken to with an irritated voice ; anything I do gets criticized or changed; I know he feels I do nothing but yell at him which isn't my intent, its just the way it comes out because of how he makes me feel. I have never believed in divorce as I know that is not what God wants. I love my husband but I sure don't like him most of the time. I want it to work but I don't know how when we cant even communicate on any level these days. I don't have the extra money for counseling and not sure what to do. Do I just say screw it and throw in the towel or keep fighting for a dream we used to share?
    Please pray God will soften both our hearts & minds & reignite a desire to be together and work on & overcome the obstacles I know satan it throwing at us.
  • Husband

    My husband is in the hospital with a lung condition. He is breathing much better now. Please pray for a complete healing and that he will be able to come back home soon.
  • Friends sisters kids

    My best friend just texted me that her sisters ex husband won't let her put their three young children in Christian school. He insists that they go to public school. He says he'll go to court before they go to Christian school and my friend is scared that the court would want the kids in public school. Please pray for these kids and their mom.
  • Need Help Lord

    I found a 2 bed room Apt. ,, 8 blocks from my daughters and grand kids in Kelso,Wa . I live in Spokane ,, 6 hrs away. There are 2 applications in front of me. I want this move so bad Lord. My Heart wants to be with my daughters and my grand kids. Help Me Lord ,,, Help Me ... Thank You All For Your Prayers.
  • healing

    I am asking for your prayers for my sister in law Kim that she be healed from the cancer that we just found out about today.. Please pray that her treatment has our Father Gods hands all over her treatment.. Thank you very much for your prayers...!!!!