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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Prostate Cancer

    My step-father has prostate cancer and its spread to his bones. the Dr. says he has a month to live. please keep my family in prayers we are hoping for a healing miracle in Jesus name.
  • healing

    I slipped and fell, when I did I tore some muscles in my neck and back. Please pray for healing, and relief from pain. Thank you
  • husband pass tests

    Please pray that Heavenly Father God would have mercy and bless our family
    that My Husband will pass his tests and graduate so he can have awesome blessed job
    to provide for us. That God would have patience and mercy on us until we start giving back to His kingdom.
  • healing

    I am having digestive issues that is causing severe pain and need healing, thank you
  • thank you

    thank you for all your prayers. Love is everything and without it we have nothing.
  • Where Are You God ?

    I am not a person who whines and I try to stand on my own two feet and support myself. My back is all messed up , I am loosing my hearing and I keep wondering if the cancer is going to come back. They took a kidney along time ago because it was covered in cancer. The doctor says I have a spot on the other kidney but it has not grown at all thank the Lord. My worry now is my back. I can't work and my medical refuses to cover the cortisone shots for my back and I am running out of money to pay the bills. I keep asking myself ,, where is God in all of this ? I continue to pray three , four times a day. I don't know what to do. I keep hearing God helps those who help them selves . I wish I could fix my back I would.

    Help Lord
    Thank You Everyone For Listening ,, and I will Keep Praying For All Of You.

  • Prayer for relationships

    I would like prayer for some relationships in my life and that God surrounds me with angels and protects my mind/heart...I have some mental health problems but I have been a Christian and seeking God pretty strong since was 17, I take medication and vitamins/supplements but something is wrong with me as well as how I am acting/reacting to people. I am part of a prayer group, this last week was particularly bad. I had an argument with my mom last Saturday, had problems with my aunt, a couple days earlier than that I told my brother all the problems I had with him and argued with a friend at a prayer group. I need some humility/meekness or something...I feel like the devil is working on my weaknesses and also I have probably did atleast 30 hours of studying for school, this week really broke me and I only have 2 college classes, I need God's help.
  • My pal Aydain

    My sweet pal Aydain is a 6 yr old who is fighting a battle against neuroblastoma. I have requested prayer for him here before but he is now receiving care from hospice. I have been given a burden to pray for
    him for several months and I ALWAYS hold out hope that his updates will be improved but when they're not,my heart breaks. This family is not one I have ever met in person but I know for certain that their story was shown to me for a purpose. I have spoken with Aydain's mom periodically but am still being woken in the middle of the night with the need to pray for him. I'm praying for and believing in a miracle for him. I've told him that there are lots of people talking to Jesus on his behalf and I am asking you to join me. Please just lift Aydain up in prayer that God will heal his body and restore him to be an active,healthy 6 year old boy.
  • Would like prayer for prayer group

    I would like prayer for a prayer group that I help facilitate, I know I am probably not perfect in my understanding of God and I know I have ways I still need to be conformed to Jesus but I would like prayer tonight as I have a friend that has a certain Christian faith where legalism is really prevalent (definitely keeping the Sabbath(we do or don't have to, it is not mandatory anymore Romans 8 Rom 14, women not wearing make-up (Collossians 2:20-23), not eating too much meat and definitely no pork). Sorry I know this seems harsh but just want prayer for our group and the biggest reason I am frustrated is he wants to bring in some of the churches teachings into our worship study and I don't want any part of that, I feel it is the way the devil is coming in to bring people under bondage. If we have Christ and seek the spirit, we are not under the law (Romans 8).
  • prosperity

    Have been having nightmares for years.. about my past, which in a lot of ways was very traumatic.. I wish I could stop reliving my past and move on.. That God would heal my soul of the painful memories.. That I would not fear.. I also need a financial blessing.. My car is going to cost me $600 to fix.. It seems every time I get ahead.. I wind up back in this spot.. I have faith that God can heal my life.. I have faith in prayer.. I am sorry that I keep posting these prayers.. But God has healed me some.. And I will not be satisfied till God changes my situation.. I know he can do it.. Thank you