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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • My daughter

    I'm concerned about my daughter. She has a hole in her gums and it hurts really bad. My husbands mother and dad died of cancer in the brain.She has bad headaches. She sees the dentist Monday morning.

    Thanks for your prayers they mean a lot
  • hope for the future

    please pray that i not only make it through this 1 year mens new life program @the ugm in yakima wa but that the Lord would bring me a Godly wife to make it threw this world thanks

    URGENT PRAYER for our Daughter who has a BAD TOOTHACHE,. Please Pray to TAKE AWAY the PAIN.....
  • Sciatic Nerve

    Pray my mother would be healed of problems with her sciatic nerve.
  • God is on the move!

    Dear fellow believers in our Lord Jesus Christ, please pray that the Mighty Lord we serve would open the next set of doors to His plans and purpose for my life. Very much appreciated, God bless!
  • My car

    My car is vibrating down the road.. The mechanic looked at it, and he said he is not sure exactly what is wrong with it.. He thinks it is the axles.. But he is not sure.. I told him to replace the axles.. Pray that solves the problem, please.. I can't afford another car.. And that it does not cost more then he said.. Thank you, and Gods blessing to all..
  • work

    I made an appointment with voc rehab.. It is on the 17th.. Please pray they would be willing to help me.. And understand my position.. They helped me find a job.. And it is literally a nightmare.. I am dishwasher.. I don't know how they thought this would be a good job for me.. Sometimes I have to deal with 60 tables.. Restaurant, bar, bowling ally.. It is literally the most demanding job I have ever had.. I have to answer the phone for the take out orders while doing that.. Even though I have social anxiety disorder.. But what bothers me the most, I have to pull turkeys out of the oven, and pluck all the meat off them.. Sometimes there are 3 turkeys a day.. do that with my bare hands.. 400 degrees.. You get the picture.. I hate this job.. I am 40 years old.. This is a job for a young man.. I am middle aged.. And it is $7.25 and hour.. Gods will be done
  • concerned

    please pray that ***** is being too controlling of her children...they are grown and are ready and need to live their own lives and she must stop living through them smothering them. Her children are upset with her and want to run away from her and if she doesn't stop smothering them, doesn't stop clinging to them and preaching at them she could lose them from her and her husband's lives for good. Show her where she is wrong and needs to surrender her will to God and let Him be the guide to her children since they are all now young adults in jesus name amen
  • anxiety

    please pray for me as I am having much anxiety. I know God can handle things without my help. :)
    I would love to be set free from this.

    thank you friends

  • My husband

    My husband has addictions and wants to be set free. Also pray that I have a nice mothers day. That my husband will be able to join us.
    Thank you for your prayers!