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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Huband critically ill

    My husband is in ICU with congestive heart failure, COPD and other issues. Your prayers appreciated.
  • Prayer for Jerry Josun

    Dear Saints,

    Please intercede in prayer for my friend Jerry. Jerry is in India for almost two weeks now to be with his father who is very ill. His father now is suffering from swollen brain due to low sodium level. Jerry is schedule to return to Kuala Lumpur this Saturday but in a situation whether to extend or return. Pray for speedy recovery and salvation for his dad and God's guidance and strength for Jerry is this time.

    Thank you for all your support. God Bless.
  • prayer for my family

    Hello, I don't ask for prayers very often and not like this. But my husband and my self are expecting another baby in December. We have a 10 month old and a 7 year old. My husband has been out of work for almost a year. We have no more in come at this time. And its wearing on my husband. Plus our little girl the 7 year is going through health problems. She has been coughing up horrible things not normal. They can't figure it out. I ask for prayer for them. For Gods hand to help them through this hard time. I know the power of prayer. Thank you for the prayers. May the Lord bless you!
  • Urgent prayer requests.

    My fave aunt is name nancy. Nancy is going through a financial exploitation of the elderly. My so called parents are making my aunt go through a financial exploitation of the elderly. My aunt lives in Texas. Plus my aunt has no money for food at all right now for the month. My aunt has been living with my so called parents for 2 or 3 years now. My aunt is almost 60 years old. My so called parents are taking all of my aunt money each month, and spend it all on bills and food for them. My so called parents are not feeding my aunt no food, except for beans. My aunt is on a very limited income month. My aunt is a Christian too. My aunt lives for The Lord everyday too. My aunt is going through a very rough time. My aunt has no where else to live right now. Thanks.
  • financial

    Hello.. Could you please pray that me and my soon to be wife get a financial blessing from the Lord ? We love each other and want to get married.. We need about $500 dollars.. And I don't really want to borrow the money.. Thank you
  • friend has lung cancer

    A friend, Sharon, has lung cancer and is going through chemotherapy. Please pray for her to have strength and for the chemo to help her fight the cancer so she can get well again.

    thank you so much for your support.
  • drugs

    Please pray for my older son to overcome durg addiction. He has a son, and he is going through a rough time righ now. He gets discouraged because he wants to change, and whe he relapses he gets very depressed. Please pray for him, so he can give his heart to God.
  • Home for Boys

    God has put something on the hearts of my family to start a Christian home for boys. We want to call it New Beginnings Christian Home for Boys and teach them the love of Jesus and to show them discipline and love. How to work through their problems instead of hurting others with their hurt. We have an idea of it being a ranch-like place so that there is room to run around. We want it to be a God-dependent lifestyle. Provide the boys who are in the foster system and those who don't have a place to stay a home until they can find their way.

    I would appreciate prayer support in this and some possible suggestions in how to get started.
  • Prayers for my daughter

    I feel selfish when i ask for prayer, but i am going to ask anyways! Tomorrow is my daughter Daelie's 9th birthday. She is in a situation where she is being kept away from me by her biological dad. It has been quite sometime since i have seen or even talked to her. God has given me much peace about his will for her, however around her birthday and holidays i struggle with a very heavy heart.... I can't understand why God is still allowing this situation, it is bad... however i am thankful for it because i have come to Christ through it. Her father is not a Christian or a man of any faith at all & maybe that is why God continues to allow this... Please say a prayer for a little girl who is in a very dark place and maybe one day God's will will allow me to return the favor to her and bring her to Jesus! Thank you and God Bless you!
  • My family

    My daughters father and I need prayers. Please help us by praying we can give our lives to Jesus and through that be able to make it through these hard times. I am unhappy but love him very much. Please pray for God to enter our lives and save us before I decide to leave this wonderful man who suffers from commitment issues and me who is insecure. We need Jesus. Thank you. May God bless you all