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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Prayers for a child

    Hello, Please pray for our little 2-year-old family member Lilly. Her parents are recently divorced and dad has basically abandoned her and moved out of state and her mom makes really bad decisions, allowing the enemy into their space. She has a new boyfriend who is very unstable and scary so we are praying for Lilly's protection and asking God get this man out of their lives if he is not someone God wants in their lives. Lilly is very small for her age and sickly and is now being put in daycare. TIA for your kind prayers!
  • save marriage

    I am currently 6 months pregnant with our baby boy, have an amazing husband. weve made mistakes before and have been going through finacial difficulites this entire past year, its been two weeks since my husband hasnt come home yet and im praying he will see that im still here and not giving up on him and our family. marriage isnt easy but i know its not impossiable. i love my husband very much and wish he could see that. i pray everynight for god to give me strength and stay postive. i appreciate everyones prayers! thank you and god bless!!
  • Housing

    Thank's be to God.
    Last year i requested prayer for my daughter and her family that were very broken. The Lords been working in their life.health and restoring the family.
    Prayer request, they are in need of housing. Please continue to pray.
  • finances

    Praying for financial miracles. Thank you!
  • emotional, physical, and spiritual problems..

    Hello.. I have some emotional, physical, and spiritual problems I need God to get me through.. I was hoping if you lift me up, it would help.. I know God hears every prayer.. And I am very thankful for your prayers.. God bless
  • Healing

    I have fibromyalgia and bipolar disorder. Please pray for my total and complete healing as it can be hard to deal with my chronic pain day to day. Thank you and God bless!
  • Need God to move mountains

    I appreciate all prayers and I really wish I could say my situation has changed. But I still need lots of prayers. Please join me in prayer for my son who is still wrapped up in experimenting with drugs and the guy I deeply care for is still struggling and is well I'm not sure... Satan is messing with him big time. We talk a bit more often these days but I'm tired and exhausted from games. My class is extremely difficult and challenging. So exhausted and beyond is totally normal to me. I pray God.can ease my Burden and honor the desires of my heart and move mountains for me very soon. In Jesus name. Amen
  • prayer for daughter abroad

    Please pray for safety and well being for my daughter who is traveling to work abroad for a month in South Africa and then 2 months in Europe. Thank you.
  • health

    I had a minor heart attack and am praying for a good recovery, health wise and finance wise. Am thankful for God's being with me during my hospital stay
  • pray request

    I want to pray for Mark Hall from Casting Crowns. Praying that the surgery goes well and that he will have a speedy recovery. Pray that I will find the perfect job for me and pray that I will be patient with Jesus and know if it is the job for me. Please help me to be a Christian for Jesus, and be saved that when he comes I will be ready. Thank-you!