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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Anorexia daughter

    Please pray for Jack's daughter in Canada. She is 23 years old and has lost all hope in life. She doesn't shower or wants to eat. She has become very frail and at the verge of dying at such a young age. Jack has tried getting her help but she resist help, and he waited 18 hours at the hospital yesterday when they were turned down due to no room. He doesn't have the money to get her help anywhere else. I know Jack would be so distraught and depressed if his daughter dies. Please help me pray for a miracle for Jack's daughter. Thank you so much!
  • Finances, health, and Mom's SSI

    Please pray for me and my family. We are all suffering from health issues and can not work, because of this finances are low. Please pray for comfort strength peace and healing for all of us.
    Please also pray for my mother who has filed for SSI, She has severe medical problems and she cant work.My mom has been fighting for 9 years and is losing hope. Please pray that at the next hearing the judge will have compassion and to not have a bi est opinion.
  • Prayers

    Please pray that the MRI shows whatever is wrong with my mom.

    On a separate prayer, please pray that God will help us out with our finances. We are really behind.
  • relationship

    I just found out my boyfriend has been seeing someone else behind my back. I Feel like someone kicked me in the gut and Ive lost my best friend. please pray I find peace and I am able to move on.
  • Job's for family & togetherness

    A mother's prayer for job's for my son & daughter-in-law to be able to move back to Spokane and live by family again. They have been gone for 6 year's and have been so missed by their family. Thank you!!
  • (no subject)

    Please pray for my mom and for me. I have so much resentment coming up in my heart. I left college to help her but she doesn't want to help me or take care of my needs but not only that she puts stumbling blocks in everything I want to do including going to the gym. Please pray
  • Prayers for togetherness.

    Please pray for my boyfriend and I. He left on Saturday to work on his sobriety and to get spiritual clarity. I know he is safe and I know he is working on both but he is only communicating to me through others and not directly to me. I do not want to lose him but I am afraid I have. Please lift us up in prayer that we will get back together.

  • More secure employment

    I lost my full time job four years ago, since then I have been piecing together two or three partime jobs finances are very difficult. The Lord always provides I also would like prayer for my spiritual health I have drifted away from my church family.
  • My daughter & family

    I would like to request prayer for my daughter and her family I just found out she has filed for divorce after eight they have three children two,six and eight she is She is drinking doing drugs not faithful to her marriage and I believe neglecting her children. I need wisdom what to say and do from here. It is just so bleak right now.
  • finances future

    I pray that the Lord opens doors for me to find a full time job with benefits and weekends off to spend with my family. I am a single mother and I am overwhelmed with the responsibility of taking care of myself and my children. Please pray the Lord sends me a job that will meet all my needs financially and that the man who I have been dating for the past many years asks me to marry him. We have talked about before but I feel like it is time to take the next step. Thank you for praying for me.