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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Need Prayer, a Thank you Jesus Amen

    Since June I have had A debilitating non stop migraine pain day an night, the pain is so intense just Touching my head to anything increases the pain an I only sleep short periods, thankfully Ice packs help some. Sleeping in a recliner offers comfort of being cradled/Held. Pain melds don't help. I have found the most relief in being distracted by Joy, laughter, Love.Family. Doctors haven't been successful treating or determining the cause. God's word says he will never put upon us more then we can bare, I feel I'm barely hanging on. It's always been easy for me to pray for others so I feel ackward asking for myself. I don't know why? I pray Thank you Jesus for the healing I know is coming, I pray for the strength to hold on or show me what I need to do to let go an "Be Held" In Jesus name Amen
  • more alive

    Renewed life in Christ Jesus. Miracle's and signs and wonders prayer for health body mind and soul relationship s marriage and loving attitude s between us and a daily refresh ending of the holy spirit Jesus leading us both amen
  • Healing for my husband

    My husband is going through pain pill addiction and is an alcoholic.
  • Prayer for healing

    Patty is separated from her husband who started drinking and now has a girlfriend. They are going to court this week, and that's hard for her. She wants him to be sober and come back to her, and asks for prayers. She also lost her mother in August and it is hard on her and her siblings, and they aren't close like they used to be. Please pray for her and family, her siblings, children, and grandchildren as they deal with their loss of family. Thank you
  • For love

    Asking for prayer for this fella I've been seing for the last two years feels the same way I feel for him.
  • needs

    General health for body soul and mind .a refreshing of the holy spirit daily
  • Single Father

    I am a single daddy raising my two daughters. I need prayers for patients and strength. Also please pray for protection and good choices for my girls. I am thankful for all he has done, and continues to do for us. God Bless.
  • family

    I believe prayers solve impossible situations in our lives and during hard times God always finds a way to wipe out our tears.I pray that the ever merciful Father will provide the financial breakthrough for me to go back to college and also see my family whom I haven't seen in a decade
  • Help God!

    I was in multiple car accidents, that weren't my fault, have vertigo, migraines, shoulder dysfunction, hip problems, struggle horribly to pay my bills. Some months I have to pick between lotion or food. I have no friends or family. I am not married or have any kids. I am so lonely and don't want to do it anymore. I don't know why I am in this situation and why I have been in it for so many years. There's no point to my life and I don't have a way to attend a church at all. I beg God to please come through but it's like he doesn't hear me at all. Now I have 2 huge bills looming and the thought of them gives me heart pain. I can't do it anymore. Maybe if others pray, God will listen.
  • Boyfriend just broke up with me need a prayer

    Boyfriend just broke up with me needed prayer can you guys please contact me at 509 362 10229 God bless sincerely Shiana Duffy