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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Guidance for husband & daughter

    Please pray my husband will have the Lord's peace about work. It has been really stressful lately and that I can recover pictures from my malfunctioning phone...It has precious pics of my grandson on there and I don't live close to him so these pics are extra precious. Please pray our daughter have wisdom about her fiance'...we are concerned since he isn't saved & not interested in marriage but staying engaged for many years while they just live together... this is stressful
  • Dying grandfather

    Hi my family is reaching out for help to go to Seattle for three days to see my father that is coming down from Alaska after being exposed to some very bad chemicals on a job, he hardly knows me his son and has never met my fiancee or our kids he will be in Seattle October 15,16,17th going to be seen at Bellevue Hospital in Seattle to see if they can keep him around, I would like to get my family there to meet my father and support him and have him meet his grandkids before God calls him home to heaven. Please help I have no money to pay for gas food or lodging for them three days thanks and God bless please even prayers help. Pay pal account # is amandavancuren@yahoo.com thanks and Bless you all...
  • Children open to The Lord again

    Please pray our children will have a soft heart toward The Lord and will want His will and blessings in their life & for us to know when the right timing is to talk to them about their walk with The Lord. They have their needs met but have fallen into the bad habit of not attending church and compromising with the world. Also pray our son who seeks The Lord will get the guidance he needs regarding career and friendships
  • Nursing School Interview!

    Please pray that I get an interview for Nursing School. I have been working hard with my classes and I really want to become a nurse. It is my dream, it is my passion to help others with illnesses. Thank you so much! God bless you all :)
  • forgiveness

    I am in need of prayer support to forgive a family member who has mistreated my mother. My mother and I will be at a memorial service for my mother's stepson today and we need prayer support to approach this person with love and a spirit of forgiveness. We need to see her for what is in her soul and not what she has said or done. We want to heal this situation and to open the way for God's will moving forward. I am so grateful for the support of your team.
  • Son with drug and alcohol addiction

    Please pray for my son, he is 19 years old and has been in several treatment centers. He struggles with drug and alcohol addiction, extreme anxiety, has been suicidal and needs to know the Lord!
  • My Marriage

    Please pray for my husband, my marriage, and my family. It is not in a good place. I miss my husband even though he is here, as he is not himself due to extreme stress over financial issues. I am trying to be there for him, but it's so hard when he takes his frustrations out on me. We have three little ones involved. Thank-you.
  • debt

    I am so far in debt and struggling to pay bills and rent along with keeping my children fed. I am in dire need for God to send financial help/guidance my way.
  • Son suicidal

    Please pray for my David, he is 16 and suicidal. He has mental health issues and is convinced that if he dies soon and goes to Heaven all his pain will be gone. He's a good kid, he's so hard though. I try to get along with him, he doesn't trust anyone. He was abandoned as a baby, we adopted him. He is such an angry kid. Please pray for him and us. Thank you.
  • flu

    I have the flu.. I have not been this sick in a while.. My head hurts.. Please pray for healing.. Thank you