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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Rare Chronic Expensive Illness Deteriorating My Whole Body Brain & Spirit

    I have an illness caused by environmental/house environments' toxins. Stress in taking care of kids, husband past & current issues..has destroyed my entire body, brain, health...hope seems never to become available. I can't go hardly anywhere outside of my home without reacting and my health going backwards - can't get ahead on health because treatment is avoiding env't toxins that are everywhere...don't know if I will ever be able to be in fellowship, regain family/friends agin because this is not living (they stay away because they don't want to make me sick)...very isolating, secluding; struggle to find hope; want to stop all the pain my illness is causing my loved ones...don't know I can find health & brain function to even know how to be anything to anyone else that is watching my extreme suffering.
  • Struggling

    I am really struggling today. I really believed that God was going to come through for me before the end of 2017. With my job and finances. I know he still can, but I get the feeling he is not going to. Am just sad. Need a renewal. Need a blessing to come through.
  • no job involuntarily quit based on health reasons

    Job I had was too physically demanding for a man my age of 63. Almost passed out I have hypertension. Employer would not create a job for me I could do. He did for three other coworkers not for me. I was forced to quit. Asked for prayer in Dec for rent it was paid by a Catholic Mission. Thank You. It is coming due again Jan 1st. Had a job interview last Thursday. No offer has been made yet they are or were looking at other candidates they interviewed maybe they have made their choices. I still need a job I can do not too physically demanding and strenuous. My Doctor says I can work as long as it is not too physically demanding and strenuous. I have someone who wants to meet me next Tuesday wants to help with my rent. Pray that happens. Thank You
  • Struggling

    My medical insurance isn't being found, even though I definitely have it. I'm feeling tired from doing the same job for so long and all its stress; I need peace. Please pray for me because I need direction.
  • Divorce

    Hi, in October my husband left me after 23 years of marriage. One December 26th he gave me divorce papers. I am so heart broken over this decision he has made all on his own. it is severely devasting my family. I know through God it can be repaired if we let him, but my husband has no desire to give it to God even though we are Christians. I have been pray so hard for his miracle, but my husband is proceeding with a divorce. please lift us up in prayer and guidance from God. Please lift up my husband to God that he will open to his heart to Gods great will and plan. God doesn't want families to be divorced, that is satans desire. thank you.
  • Surgery

    Prayers that may God guide the surgeons hands for my surgery January 8. I have been feeling so much pain in the last year! And I’m so nervous to get it done because I will be out from working for a while. I have 3 children that depend on me. So if you can keep me and my children in your prayers I would really appreciate it. Thank you
  • Suicide

    My Brother-in-law wants to kill himself. Please pray for his release from the enemy and for the Holy Spirit to be a light in his life and for Jesus to revive his soul. Thank you.
  • Sister

    I have hurt my sisters feelings. I feel as if the past is coming back to haunt me. I need prayers for a refreshed relationship with her and for divine protection against the enemy. In the name of Jesus! Thank you. God Bless.
  • Living nightmare

    I can't take living with the person I live with. We are related and both injured and on a fixed income. Whenever she is mad, she is verbally abusive and says horrible things like, "I hate you" and curses at me. It hurts me that she can't have an argument like an adult. She has a yelling problem. I grew up with an abusive dad and now have to live with someone who is a loose cannon is my undoing. I don't know why this is my life. I have prayed so much over my living situation and I am at a loss. This hurts so much. I am tired of the yelling and put downs. I don't know why God won't move. I am so sad.
  • prayers for strength

    A single mother dealing with depression, trying to keep her head up for her two kids; I ask for prayers for strength, love and faith. It has been a rough couple of years and trying to have hope is slim. I ask for prayers , Thank you.