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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • prayers for father in law

    I ask for prayers for my father in law who had double bypass surgery just a few hours ago, he needs prayer, he is on heart assist machines right now. Thank you all for your prayers.
  • financial and other

    I wanted to ask for payer about my financial situation.. I am tired of struggling, wondering if I am going to make it.. And I wanted to thank everybody who prayed for me.. Who continues to pray for me.. I am not consumed by fear anymore.. And your prayers helped much.. I also want to ask prayer that my soul will be healed.. I believe God can heal me.. And I believe in prayer.. God bless everyone..
  • Prayer for stronger faith/able to relate to people

    I hope this isn't a weird prayer but i just came back from bible study and sometimes I think my problems are so unique compared to other people. I don't know if it is because I take life so serious, deal with problems differently, if I think too analytically about problems or what ----but sometimes I just think I was born on a different planet. God has blessed me with super high times when I was in the military and then took it all away (or maybe just bad choice on a doctor/surgeon) and then through basically 14 years of despair and drought where I had at many times had to keep myself from suicide and just keep trusting God that one day things would get better and that I would experience victory again in my life(which God brought about). I don't know specifically what I need prayer for in this situation, just that I learn what God wants me to learn and that I love my neighbor as myself.
  • Searching

    I feel like I'm at a crossroads in my spiritual walk. I haven't been to church in over a year and don't have any desire to go back but I feel closer to God. I don't know what this journey is...I prayed and asked God for clarity....clarity with the love that's in my heart and clarity with what's going on in my life.
  • Prayer for Sister

    My sister Karen needs prayer for her life with her current husband. He's back on drugs again and she is frighten for your life as he tends to be indifferent and belligerent. She texted me yesterday asking me to pray for her as she needs to find a safe place. She used to go to church, but he doesn't allow her to go anywhere without him except to work. He has turned into a monster and making her life difficult.
  • pray for my husband

    Please pray for my husband, He has PtSD. His mom died of cancer last Dec.His 2 friends died last 2 weeks ago and also his uncle died that week.Today we found out that they found 2 cm nodules in his left lung.Please pray that it's not cancerous.Please pray for TM.Thank you if you pray.
  • business deal

    Hello. My wife and I got involved in a business deal where we lost thousand's. And basically got nothing in return. Now one of the party members is taking us to court for two thousand dollars. We simply don't have the money. Please pray that everything goes well at court. That God would show his grace. Thank you
  • My daughter safe/successful trip

    I would like your prayers for my daughter who is going on her first business trip to Bogota, Columbian. I would like to ask for prayers for her safety, as well as a successful, peaceful, productive business trip. She will be there for 10 days, so I would really appreciate your prayers.
  • Pray for my studies/mother/brother

    I would like prayer for my faith, there are a few things I am worried about and I pray that God would show me he is in control. My mind is messed up and I have a lot of fear/anxiety/depression. I pray God helps me with my studies and that I keep the faith that God will bless me beyond what I ask or imagine. I pray my Mom keeps the dog that she has on a trial basis, it is a smart dog, a border collie but he doesn't always mind and my mom doesn't like that about him, but I think the dog can come around, I pray God helps give my mom wisdom on what to do. I pray for my brother Jarod that he grows in his mind and heart and comes to a closer relationship with God, my brother has so much potential.
  • job security

    My 6 month review is coming up and that's when they will decide whether or not to keep me permanently. The closer we get to it the more Satan tries to attack me, I really love this job and would love for it to be my lifetime job, please pray that they will make it permanent when the time comes, thank you.