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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Friend with a health issue

    Can you pray for a friend of our family named Bob that lives in Clarkston .. He is in ICU right now and is over 70 buy has a pretty young wife and 3 daughters that need him like all families to be around as long as possible .. So can you pray for him to return from the hospital healthy ..
    Thanks !!
  • Protection / Faith to endure

    Plz pray for my family, we are being attacked on "all sides", emotionally spiritually physically. Somebody is trying to destroy my parent's job & also give us doubt. God says he covers us w/ His blood, provides & nothing can come against us. Plz stand in agreement that we kicked Satan out since he has no authority over us!
  • Lord give husband His desires

    Pls pray Lord give husband His desires for where to work next, live, etc. He needs a change & I'm concerned for our adult children & grandson who just moved to be near us
  • Grandson to stay with us

    Pls pray our grandson & daughter can continue to live with us & her bf will cooperate with her & she sees need for court to help her with a parenting plan before he visits
  • Son to desire better work situation

    Our son needs a different job, since the gas station he works for treats workers unfairly. Pls pray he gets less hours to focus on school & church
  • Enemy defeated in ongoing situation

    We have a situation in our family that is on-going & wears on our marriage. Husband hoping to move to cheaper area & some other plans that are now on hold due to adult children's needs. He is struggling & won't go get advice. I'm not certain what to do
  • Protection for daughter & son

    Pls pray our daughter will have godly intervention tomorrow when she sees her ex-fiancée so he can visit their son. My husband said he would give her advice but since she didn't listen he said very little
  • Martin's salvation & decisions

    Pls pray he has a soft heart & open to gospel & accepts our daughter's new boundaries in her life & her son's life
  • positive attitude

    just to be more upbeat and positive in daily life.
    Melissa Rodriguez
  • Protection/wisdom for daughter

    Pls pray Shannon will be wise in her interaction with her prior fiance when she sees him tomorrow with their son...there are concerns about his recent actions