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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Hopeless

    can't hold a job to save my life. Lost 3 jobs in less than 6 months. Friends and family are pushing me away and I just want to give up on life.
  • set-free

    Prayer for a loved one to be set-free from his marijuana addiction - this morning he learned that he is suspended from work and may lose his job . . may God show grace and mercy, setting him free from the addiction and blessing him with keeping his job or another job waiting . .
  • Court This Morning

    I'm going to court with my ex this morning. He refuses to follow the court orders and then does everything in his power to cover up his non-compliance with lies, deceipt, and excuses. This has been a long, expensive, stressful, life-consuming process. I desire freedom from this oppression.

    I'm asking that you pray that the truth would be clear to the commissioner through the muddied waters.

    I'm also asking that I would be able to protect myself from those who want to hurt me but without bitterness towards them.

    Thank you so much. This is the first time I've put a prayer request on this prayer chain.
  • unrelenting stresses

    so many issues going in to many directions. Daughter in verbally and emotionally abusive marriage and her frayed mental health, daughter with struggles with new marriage and job stresses , my financial instability, home needing major repairs, car needing major repairs, struggling with self value, loneliness, and issues with my children about honoring, respecting, parents. Feelings of anger and resentment towards people who can help but don't. For Jess, his alcoholism, lack of faith, and trying to hide from life. For lee ann whose son, only child, is very ill and her ability to care for him. For a sister on disability, emotional issues, have neighboring land disputes and her daughter that suffers from mental illness and seizures.... the list goes on. I know the Lord is in it all.... need prayer that we feel Him and can acknowledge His presence every day.
  • prayers need for my marriage

    My husband and I have been struggling in our relationship, fighting and arguing. I'm asking God to help bring peace and love into our hearts for each other. He has been talking about divorce. It is the last thing I want. I know we love each other, but the stresses of life seem to be weighing us down. Please pray for our relationship, to be restored in Jesus's name.
  • Being a single mother

    While I love being a Mother to my beautiful daughter it can be very over whelming. I am very streasted out. I would like prayer that I have the steength, energy, and ability to be the best mother I can be. As I write this I have tears thinking that I am failing her. She is my whole world, and I want to do any and everything I can for her. <3 Thank you.
  • relationship cross road

    please pray for wisdom in a relationship I have with a man who I have been involved with for the past four years. I love him very much and he loves me, but I want more out of the relationship than he does. I want to move our relationship forward and he is happy at where it is at. Pray God speaks to me about what to do because I feel lost and I am confused and frustrated. thank you for praying.
  • Suicide and abuse

    I have been abused by my family members since I was 4 years old. I am suffering from PTSD, Panic attacks, anxiety, self harm, and suicidal thoughts. I am asking for prayer requests because I am thinking that life is not worth living and am thinking about suicide.
  • For a baby undergoing open heart surgery tomorrow

    Please pray for Eily. She is a baby who is undergoing open heart surgery tomorrow (Wednesday) if she is healthy enough. Thank you all for your prayers. God Bless!!
  • (no subject)

    This morning my boyfriend texted me and was talking about suicide and I just feel really helpless not being able to do more than just talk to him and let him know that everything will be okay in the end.