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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Emotional abuse

    I'm in need of prayer. I'm working for my parents, they don't pay me anything but my mom is very emotionally abusive at times. Please pray that Lord protects me and delivers me from this place in life that I am in. Thank you
  • Sister serious problem

    My sister (36) is bipolar and lost custody of her son recently but has visitation if her husband is present. He recently left her and fled with their toddler. My elderly parents have been supporting her for many years. She has been suicidal in the past. The Lord knows her name
  • Miracle Needed

    My Cousin Aaron was in a tragic motorcycle accident yesterday. He has spinal cord injuries, lung injuries and numerous injuries. Many surgeries to come. He is currently in the middle of an 11 hour surgery to repair the breaks in his back.
  • Update On My Sister In Law Martha & My Brother In Law Mike

    Her hip replacement surgery went well and she can walk better than before. It still hurts to walk but she is getting better.
    She is coming home today from the hospital. Mike's surgery went well but since it was on his stomach it's going to take a longer time for him to recover. Thank you for the prayers and please keep them coming. Ron
  • Prayer needed for A family who just found out dad has cancer

    My daughter's best friend dad has colon cancer. They just found out today. And it went through his bowel. As of right now it's not looking good. They have 6 kids. Please pray for God's love and His peace. They are such a loving family.
  • praise report

    Jeremy does not have cancer, it is benign. Praise to the Lord ! They will just monitor him. And we can hope he never gets cancer. I believe God heard our prayers. He is very sick though for some reason. So please pray about that. He was having trouble breathing tonight. He has allergies. Thanks people
  • Going to a funeral

    We are going out of town for my husband's brother's funeral. Please pray for a safe trip.
    Thank you!
  • prayer for peace with reinstatement of my rivers license

    I pray that the state will reinstate my drivers license with the paperwork I sent them Please pray that they will find everything in good order and be able to reinstate my license. Also My father had his license revoked because of the wreck I was in please find his pray that the state will reinstate his license as well
  • need to move

    I have been looking for over a year now for a new place to move to in my price range and where I can have my cats with me. So far I'm having no luck finding anything. I know there has to be something out there somewhere for me.
  • Courage needed

    My dear friend is in a very difficult, abusive situation. She knows the it is time to get out, but is fearful for what will happen when she does. She asked me to pray that God will give her the courage to leave. Please also pray for protection for her and her young son.