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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Family healing

    Please pray for emotional and physical healing for our family. My husband and I have been married 20 years and have 2 young, wonderful kids. This last 2 years we have had many tragedies in our extended family. I turned to alcohol, so I need more strength to overcome that. Our daughter became a teenager during all of this and we can tell she is bottling up hurts and insecurities - I'm sure our little boy has felt the stress also.
    Please pray for God's hedge of protection around all 4 of us, in all areas, and that I "grow up" and put my family first. In the midst of all this, we took a lot of financial hits, so we need prayers in that area also.
    Please pray that God gives my husband and I guidance and discernment to get our kids back to feeling the "deep down" love, security, and happiness that they once had. Thank you & God bless you in all you do!
  • Survival!

    Hi my brothers and sisters at Positive Life radio please say a prayer for me i am homeless at 68 years of age for the last 6 years down to nothing and desperately need prayer.GOD richly bless you brother Danny 2/23/15
  • Good news

    Praying that this is the week that I get some good news. Need something to keep going on.
  • Troubled Marriage

    Please pray for me and my husband and our marriage. For peace, protection against the enemy and reconciliation. We have serious communication and trust problems. It has ruined our marriage and I don't know where to turn for help. We have only been married 10 months.

    Thank you!
  • Illness

    Please pray for our Grandson Nick. He is in ICU at Children's Hospital in Seattle.

    First and foremost I thanks from the God for being our God, praise to you O Lord for your Son Jesus, the greatest love of all. I pray for all who seek God's help, Jesus' blood releases us from bondage, we're no longer slaves from our sins keeping us from focusing on God. Jesus has restored our lives. so I pray that we will be set free by believing instead of doubt, faith instead of fear. Please God help us to discern and allow only your words in our hearts and mind, and that courageously we can overcome our mountain in the mighty name of Jesus.
  • Good health

    Please pray for my boyfriend David. He has a tripe A AAA=abdominal aortic aneurism. His heart is not strong enough for surgery. And he just lost his right leg due to other health conditions.
  • Disappointed

    I've been praying for either a cheaper but safe place to live or better income for so long. My only opportunity available for cheaper rent just slammed shut. I feel so alone. I don't see away out of this and fear I will end up on the street. I have tried all these doors and nothing happens. I have developed really bad PTSD over the constant stress.
  • loss/grief

    prayer for Nelson's who lost there 19yr old to suicide yesterday. Pray for extended family also who loved her like a daughter. Thank you
  • lost job

    Please pray for my family. Husband just lost his job and he is the sole provider for our family. Sad, scared, and feel alone. Pray we put our faith in God. Thank you!