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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Support

    I have opened up to my husband about support that I need and I need prayers that he will listen and take action. Our children need him and I can't take this alone. Please pray that God touches his heart and inspires him to do what needs to be done and fill him with the holy spirit to take care of his family.
  • Please pray for me!

    I am in tears. I am injured woman on a fixed income. I have a terrible landlord. He raises the rent and he just did it again last week. I don't want to live here but I do not have the money to move and can't find a safe place to live. I also need lots of help to move due to injuries. I have a roommate but she just lost her job due to cutbacks and she has a tumor growing in her wrist. Don't know where to turn anymore. I feel like every day there is bad news and I am just stuck. I don't feel like fighting anymore. I just want to stay in bed.
  • income

    We are going to loose half our income and all our insurance. My husband is depressed. Please pray for us. I'm ok but concerned about my husband.
    Thank you for your prayers!
  • Feel Helpless, Stuck & Alone.. NEED HELP!

    What do you do when you have absolutlely no one you can trust at work? The HR Department or your bosses. I feel alone in my job. Its an entry level position. I have had NO TRAINING for my job. I've learned as I have gone along, for the last 2 years. I've asked for training, been told 3 times I would get it and that hasnt happened. We have no policies or procedures. I'm told to do things one way 1 day, then something different the next. I feel thrown into projects that I have no educational/training to back it up. I am embarrassed. I feel stuck. I dont know what to do. Please pray. Thank you.
  • Dress me in Love and a new job

    Please lift me up to our Heavenly Father. Dress me in Jesus this week as I wait for the search team to decide on who they want to interview. Please pray for the Lord's favor upon me. I would love to use my Masters and help individuals.
  • Son needs Jesus and a job

    He has an interview today. Please pray that he sees God providing for him, the God who loves him so much. More than the job, I want him to know Jesus as his Savior.
  • prayer for flash flood victims in NE India

    I just went on a mission trip with WWU to NE India, and the school we were at to do health education of about 900 students and staff had one of the most devastating flash floods they ever experienced shortly after we left (about a week after we left). One teacher died in the 5 foot deep waters, and the school grounds were of course damaged. They had to send all of the students home for the year (which usually ends in December). Also one of our group had stayed to teach there, and is now on his last step of getting home safe, and exit visa. Please pray for all of the people at the school, the family and wife of the teacher who died, others who were affected by the flood, and the member of our group to come home as soon as possible and safely. Thank you

    Hi, I'm the one with the baby rabbits that died, (ONE DID LIVE THOUGH! PRAISE GOD!!!) And the rabbit that was sick with sniffles and weepy eye, and my recovery from the rabbit that the Lord took home. I feel like the enemy is hitting my beloved rabbits so I just ask you to break off any attack that the enemy is putting against them! I found some worms on my two rabbits yesterday. I have a vet appointment tomorrow. I checked this morning and no worms I could see, PRAISE GOD! Worms can eat them alive from the inside out, and it is VERY painful, so if the Lord doesn't heal them, and the vet can't do anything, I wouldn't want to risk them going through that because it is VERY painful!! So I'd have to put them down..... D": I love them DEARLY, and I just ask for your prayer! Just DECLARE AND DECREE THAT THEY WILL HAVE COMPLETE HEALING, RESTORATION AND PROTECTION!
  • Thanks!

    Thanks to the person who sent my encouraging note about plantar fasciitis! I will try the rolling pin idea. I would love to heal myself. Thanks again and have a blessed week!
  • Diagnosed with Hep C

    I have been diagnosed with Hep c 2 days ago. I have started searching for a real cure and am taking milk thistle. I think I have been in shock for the last couple of days it just started to hit me emotionally tonight. Please pray for me. Thank you