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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Prayer for my neighbor

    My neighbors, who own their own barber shop, have two little children, one with a medical problem, and are really struggling right now. There have been nights when they have gone to bed hungry, but they always make sure the kids eat. They are hard working, but can never seem to catch a break. Please pray for them. Thank you.
  • financial

    Please pray about my financial situation.. I am making it by the skin of my teeth.. But I am tired of living like this.. Just barely making it.. Also, please pray for my spiritual and emotional well being.. That I would be strong in the Lord, even when life is hard.. I am still taking meds for mental illness.. Your prayers have helped very much.. And I know that God is good.. I hope to be completely healed.. Thank you for your prayers.. God bless everyone
  • Need prayer (update)

    Thanks everyone who prayed for me, I just found out that insurance will cover the braces, although I don't know exactly what I think about it yet please pray for them not to hurt too bad. Thank you!
  • surgery

    Please pray that my family member's surgery goes well and that the doctors find all that is wrong so she will be good as new and no complications.
  • My Spirit

    Please pray for my spirit as i am facing anger rebellion to the Lord who has been so kind to me, help me to overcome and grow strong and to respect him in the way he deserves. God Bless
  • Update

    Thank you for your prayers just wanted to update you my grandmothers dog died this morning, this is a hard time for her as she also lost one of her sisters recently. please pray for healing and comfort during this time. God Bless all of you.
  • need prayer for my husband

    My husband is 52, went to visit a Bible College because He believe the Lord was calling him in the ministry and He want to be obedient to that call.After the visit, he fell apart.He said it was like being struck by lightning..He is now in intensive outpatient therapy for anxiety, confusion, depression, hopelessness and deep pain that never goes away.These are the symptoms of PTSD that he has carried for the past 30 yesrs.He needs hope and healing.He is so tired from this illness and he's very discouraged about his future.He said " if I can't carry myself well, how can I possibly expect to carry a congregation- even a small one? If the Lord wants me in the ministry, I have to get better."We are getting medical attention from christian counselor,therapy and medication.We are praying for his deliverance, relief from symptoms of constant deep emotional pain and paralyzing anxiety
  • Spokane reservation

    Can you send prayers to the Spokane reservation right now. Because it caught fire on Sunday afternoon. And it burned down my grandma LeBrets house during this devistating time for me and all my family and friends who live on the Spokane reservation right now. It burned about 18,220 Acers an 13 houses.
  • Friends sisters kids

    This isn't really a prayer request, more of a thank you to y'all! My friend just texted me that her sisters kids are going to Christian school! Thank you so much for praying for us! Praise the Lord!
  • Husband

    Thank you so much for your prayers. My husband is better. The test showed no coronary disease, but his heart pumps too slow. He has to have therapy. Praise Jesus for a good test and healing. Thank you my brothers and sisters in Christ.