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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Jake

    One of our cats is sick, he is not eating and tonight we noticed his skin starting to turn yellow, we are a low income family and the vets around us do not accept payments. The research we have done so far says he needs to go in immediately and will require extensive tests plus treatment. Please pray for Gods provisions and healing for jake and that the vets will be kind and help us. Thank you God Bless
  • Husbands Anger and Divorce Threats

    Husband regularly threatens divorce, moves out and bails amidst intense struggles where our family has really needed him. He turns to anger/rage, abandonment and quitting/divorcing because marriage is too hard and God permits divorce to be happy. Any difficulties, differences, or problems wouldn't happen if he wasn't married. Prayer please for recognition/repentance/want for change in himself, spiritual men (put in his life) he feels comfortable talking to as he doesn't know where/how/what to do or anyone to keep him accountable to God's word, to have a thirst to want to know God's word and get into his Bible...protection for our family (from his anger/rage) and for our marriage (not allow Satan to win at convincing him divorce is the answer), help for me to be the wife God's called me to be and His direction for me in relation to Peter.
  • Jesus to heal

    Prayer wanted for me to feel better soon! I have to teach Sunday School tomorrow and have a cold
  • salvation

    pls pray salvation for CS, coworker, arrested for sexual charges with child/children. CS was Naval reserve officer 20 years. Pray for CS's wife & children. Pray 4 workplace as CS returns to work Monday, a coworker saw internet arrest article and told everyone in workplace late Friday night.
  • Restoration, Peace,, for our Son Tyler, his DAD

    Please PRAY for DIVINE PEACE and RESTORATION between our son Tyler and his DAD, They have a BAD relationship,, My Husband seems like he HATES our Son Tyler,, PLEASE PRAY to REMOVE ALL Strongholds, on their relationship, Tyler doesn't feel LOVED by his DAD at ALL,
  • new job

    My husband is so stressed out and needs a new job, please pray for him to find a job with a fair and good boss that will treat him respectfully.
  • My 4 year old son sick.

    I would appreciate prayers for my son Joshua who is trying to get over strep throat. Thank you!
  • Pray for D

    Please pray D will have a change of heart and be a dad to our newborn son. Pray he will love the
    baby and want to do what is right. In Jesus name, Amen.
  • My mom, Betty Jean, has the flu and needs help. She needs to be restored to health.

    Please pray to restore Betty Jean to health and happiness. Please rebuke the spirit of illness, fever and despair. And restore health and hope and full function to Betty Jean. Please protect me from fear. In Jesus' name.

    Please protect those who are caring for us and give me the wisdom to know the right things to do. Thank you.
  • Trauma bonds be broken

    I am recently divorced from a man who was not willing to give up drugs, alcohol or affairs for me. We were married for 23 years. I am on a healing journey from all the verbal, mental and emotional abuse that I endured from this man. I know in my heart that I am a gift to be treasured, after all I am the daughter of the most high God. Please pray with me for healing the hurts and forgetting all about this man who never wanted to know my God on a personal level. Pray that the trauma bond is broken for good!